The best logos are strong, recognizable, and memorable.

One of Cross and Crown's strengths is the creation, development and management of identity and branding. Distinctive, memorable, consistent, appropriate: these are the traits we strive for in our branding. Our brands aim to remain fresh and to weather changes in both market and design trends over time.


A strong, user-friendly website delivers results.

Web design and development is one of the cornerstones of our work. The websites we produce do not have a "house style", but are consistently custom; high-impact, high usability, and carefully tuned to make our clients' business goals happen. Every time we start a project, we keep our client's goals the focus of the project.


In the digital age, we make print design effective and relevant.

Print design is a specialty of ours. Projects have ranged from small format newspapers and magazines to large process printing, banners and posters. Our design work typically provides a high level of continuity to our clients in combination with web or multimedia work. Layout and print design are powerful tools that we can manage.


Stunning designs belong on the best, most affordable apparel.

Merchandise and apparel is a popular industry that we take pride in. T-shirts, sweatshirts, zip hoodies, trackjackets, hats and beanies are just a few of the apparel items we have designed and printed. From the choice of garment type and style to the specific ink and printing options, we remain highly competitive in apparel printing.


Where education, technology, and design come together.

E-Learning is the use of technology to enable people to learn anytime and anywhere. Many colleges, ministries, churches and businesses have different forms of e-learning they use, however the vast majority do not know its full capabilities. We are a full service provider from implementing an LMS system (Learning Management System) to creating SCORM compliant content, we can take your training and teaching to a new level.


We think about the details so you don't have to.

Having a beautiful website without any visitors is useless. We help you identify potential markets, create a plan, and help you implement it. We bring all the outlets together for you from social media to search engine marketing and help you get the web traffic you need to be successful. Our marketing platforms include: social media, outdoor advertising, email campaigns, direct mail, PPC and search engine marketing.


When people think of a design company, that's mostly what comes to mind - design. Although we create designs for various types of media, it isn't the only thing we are capable of doing. Logo and identity, web development, print design, merchandise and apparel, e-learning systems, and different ways of marketing are just a few of the services we offer. We are always available to listen for more.


We can take your idea and turn it into a reality. Whether it is a logo, website, apparel, print media, or marketing campaign, we're ready to listen.