Dedra on
Alece... THANK you.. THANK you.. so grateful for your encouragement this morning.. lots of new things on the horizon as I look back over 2011 into 2012.. thank you.. Much love to you!
    Alece on
    Really, Dedra? Wow. That means so so much to hear. Thank you!
Moe on
Good post Alece. I would say, write from your heart. I've found that when there is a level of personal attachment to the topic at hand, it will show up in your writing. If a blog post has "heart" in it, it will capture people. Passions are revealed in the arts, and writing is one of the greatest arts we have today.
    Alece on
    YES YES YES! I don't know how that missed my list when I wrote this. So good and so true, Moe. I value authenticity HIGHLY!
tracee on
Love how your blog has been your one constant in the midst of ever changing things. It has been your one consistent home.Love your hospitality. Always.
    Alece on
    The Grit has definitely been my one consistent home over the past few years... So thankful for that!
Chris Lautsbaugh on
Great tips for a newbie blogger. Thanks. I especially like the email first time commenter idea. i would have never thought of that!
    Alece on
    Glad to hear that, Chris! Even as a "newbie"... what are some things you're being intentional about? I'd love to hear!
Caleb Magnino on
Alece ... Great as always! One thing that I have been intentional to do is to ask more questions than solutions, even if it comes across that I by no means have it all, or any bit of it, figured out. I have found that people interact with my transparency as they see that I wrestle and have questions much like they do. We are all on the journey...
    Alece on
    I love that, Caleb. My life doesn't have a nice, neat, red bow perfectly tying everything all together... so neither should my writing...
Katy on
Great post and good reminders about blogging! I definitely agree about the value of connecting and really "seeing" those who comment...makes such a difference and can totally let them know that you value them. You do that so well.
    Alece on
    I know how amazing it is to feel seen, and i want to always stay intentional about offering that gift to others...
Karen Hammons on
I want to blog well and this info helps me so much!! Thank you!!!
    Alece on
    Love you, Karen!
Jason on
A big thing to me is that if you respond to comments on a post that you need to respond to all of them. If someone comes to your blog and posts a few comments but notices you only respond to either the same people or people who are "popular" then it says to them "you're not of value to me." Great list, Alece.
    Alece on
    I can't always reply to all my comments individually, but I try to mix up the "some" so that it isn't always the same group of people... Good point, Jason.
Excellent tips, Alece! I so, so agree with you about making it easy to comment. I hate when I have to "register" to comment, or when I have to enter a "captcha" to comment. Another thing I'd add about commenting is that I don't care for blogs where comments have to be approved before being visible. I think this can really impede the flow of the conversation.
    Alece on
    YES! I agree. I am also not a fan of the comment moderation.
    Jason on
    Hey, I completely get what you mean about impeding the flow, but I have to throw something in here. I know a few folks who stopped blogging this year because of harassing comments that were put on all their posts by a handful of people. Moderation can harm flow but if there is some individual out there who just thrives on hate and leaves comments with hate or inappropriate comments moderation can be a way to make sure nothing offensive to the majority of readers is seen.
      Alece on
      There may be times and seasons where it's necessary...
Tammy Stelly on
I have been wondering how to increase comments on my blog. I have many readers, but I only get one comment here or there. I think I need to go in and change their access and make it easier for them. I want people to communicate with me! :) Thanks for the advice! Thanks for writing your blog...it has been a huge blessing to me!
    Alece on
    I think making it easier for interaction will make a big difference, Tammy! (Kinda makes me excited for you!)

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