Alece on
Having the address visible on the home page (and every page) is SO key. I can't stand when I am looking at a church website and can't figure out where they are... or even what state they're in. It shouldn't be that hard!
Jonathan Nori on
Easy-to-find directions and service times are the most important things, followed closely by clear information for non-attendees on programs and events.
    Trevor Roberts on
    Good thoughts, Jonathan. Church sites need to effectively serve two very different groups of people: members and people interested in learning more about the church (non-members). Both need to be able to access the information relevant to them quickly and easily.
Brian on
I want to piggy-back on the "Current Content" section. In order to have good, current content, you need to make sure that the website is built on a platform that enables people to actually upload new content on a regular basis. Meaning, if it's a non-techy person responsible for copy, the platform that the website is built upon needs to take this into consideration. Great blog! Thanks for sharing. :-)
Jim A. on
Would you like to do a pro-bono rewrite of my church's website and then market a before and after campaign tied in with the article? Huh, do ya, huh!? :P
    Trevor Roberts on
    Wish we could pro-bono everyone in need! But we do offer competitive pricing that I think might surprise you.
      Jim A. on
      Heh, I know--I'm sure you hear it constantly, even in joking fashion as I just did. We're new to this church and the website is a mess. They know it is and plan to work on it, so I am trying not to step on toes by pushing the matter.
        Trevor Roberts on
        That can be an enormous challenge. Advocating for what you believe needs to be a priority in a delicate fashion is a tricky dance to learn. The fact that they know the site needs to be overhauled is a HUGE step in the right direction. Hang in there! ;)
Dani Kelley on
Love this list. As someone who is currently looking for a church, I can attest to all of these facts. I want to learn as much about the church as possible before my visit - I'd rather not be surprised or more anxious than I already am when I visit. If a church doesn't have a website that talks about their beliefs, their services, and have updated information, the chances of me visiting that church dwindle dramatically.
    Trevor Roberts on
    It's so true. I think a lot of churches miss that very point.
Daniel on
I really enjoyed your article a feel inspired on how to improve or church website. I wanted to mention one thing that should probably be a must in visitor content is a page explaining what to expect when you arrive. Letting them know what the service is like, which for should be used and other things like that. Thanks for the inspiration too.
    Trevor Roberts on
    YES! That is such a great tip -- so so helpful to paint a picture for new visitors...

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