Alece on
i LOVE evernote -- i use it pretty much everyday on both my computer and my phone. i have notebooks for work projects/clients and also a misc/personal one that has all kinds of random things i need to have accessible on a moment's notice. i can't imagine NOT using evernote, it's become such an integral part of my every day.
Bill on
I've been using evernote for just over a year now. I have it on my home computer, computer at work, the extension for outlook at work, too, on my cell and on my nookcolor. I frequently take notes on my phone or nookcolor at meetings and then easily copy and paste the info out to various forms at work. It's amazing. And should I forgot some notes for a meeting or get asked a question I can easily pull up the appropriate notebook in evernote and have the info quickly at hand.
    Trevor Roberts on
    I didn't realize there was an Outlook extension and a version for Nook -- that's awesome!
Sharon on
Evernote is amazing for travel! We went to Cape Cod last fall and I had lists of places open different days, hours, cost, must-see sights, all the lighthouses and how to get to them. Always with me as we drove, right on my smartphone.. Love Evernote!
Brad Miller on
Evernote should be standard on iPhone/iPad. The default Notes app is pretty sad.
    Trevor Roberts on
    Good call! And I agree. The notes app isn't useful at all.

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