The Challenge – Branding

Abednego coffee is known for their quality, fair-trade coffee. 25% of their products are given away to various organizations that make a difference in the world. They have been a longtime friend and client of Cross & Crown since they opened their doors in 2008 and our teams have worked on several successful projects together. In 2016 Abednego coffee approached us to help re-envision their brand for where they were as a company. They wanted a brand that would position them for growth in a competitive marketplace.

We began by engaging the Abednego team in several discovery and context discussions to assess their market, customer base, and goals for their new brand. The resulting strategy clarified who Abednego was from the inside out, identified their customers so that we could create engage effectively, and outlined a print and digital strategy that would appeal to their prospects. The combination of this work resulted in a new logo as part of their branding, an updated website strategy, and a brand video.

The Challenge – Packaging

We knew Abednego’s brand needed to have the look and feel of quality to appeal to their customer base, as well as be approachable and unique enough to appeal to new customers. Abednego’s core identity has always been earthy and hipster with a back-to-nature feel, and we wanted this to be expressed through all of the branding elements.

Once the logo was established, we extended Abednego’s brand to the retail element of their business – custom packaging.

Abednego values sustainability and maintains an ongoing commitment to give back to the community, so we worked closely with the Abednego team to select packaging that represented both of these values. We wanted every “touch” of the brand to reinforce their natural brand and values.


The Challenge – Website

The keystone of the rebrand included a new website that featured a rich e-commerce platform. The platform was designed to allow raving fans all over the United States to purchase and enjoy Abednego’s coffee.
We knew that on-demand delivery was a hallmark of the Abednego customer base, so our team built a subscription ordering platform so customers could receive their favorite coffee every week/month/quarter, delivered right to their doorsteps.


Through web purchases

500 lbs

of online orders shipped


growth after re-branding

The Challenge – Brand Story Film

The Abednego project was capped off with a brand story film to showcase the heart of Abednego and allow visitors to experience what the Abednego brand is about, through video. We are poised to remain partnered with Abednego as their brand continues to grow, expand and make a difference in this world.