Bridge of Hope

The Challenge

Bridge of Hope is a national nonprofit headquartered in Pennsylvania with 19 active locations in 13 states across the country. Founded in 1987, Bridge of Hope exists to partner local faith communities and professionals to help end homelessness. After designing their annual report and other print projects, Bridge of Hope desired to partner with us on designing and developing a brand new digital experience for their website.
In addition to connecting nineteen separate locations under one roof, The Bridge of Hope website had other challenges we needed to address; drive financial donations and generate new leads for prospective donors, provide a clear path for families seeking help, brand their website to reflect their newly designed print materials, and keep their current supporters updated through a newly designed blog.

The Solution

Bridge of Hope has three distinct audiences:

  1. Families seeking help
  2. Current financial supporters
  3. Potential new donors

The first step we took with Bridge of Hope was to create a new sitemap to help catering towards these specific audiences. While doing this, we completed a content inventory on their existing site to strip out old or dated pages that did not line up with their digital strategy. The sitemap we created removed page links too deep for users to find and focused on clear terminology to avoid confusion for visitors.

For families seeking help, we added multiple menu locations that make it easy for users to find help local to them. Locations are organized by state, providing essential information for immediate contact such as phone number, address, email, website, and a single contact.

Donors are the lifeline of nonprofits. While generating new leads is always a priority, it is just as important to keep past and current supporters engaged. We designed a new “Give” page to let donors see and choose different initiatives to give towards while keeping a separate “Donate Now” page that prioritizes the giving process on one simple page.

Bridge of Hope Bridge of Hope
Bridge of Hope Bridge of Hope
Bridge of Hope mobile

We have had incredibly positive feedback on our new website...I really appreciated the high level of insight they offered us as we collaborated on the website design. They quickly understood our audience and our needs. Cross & Crown designed a website that reflects our values, organizationally, and met all our goals!

Edith Yoder, Executive Director