The Challenge – The Website

With the rapidly changing landscape of seminaries, Evangelical needed to adjust their recruitment strategy to compensate for an increasingly competitive market of potential students. It is now more important than ever for seminaries to actively look for prospective students and evaluate their online engagement strategy.
Evangelical Seminary partnered with our team to develop a website strategy that allows them to cater their marketing approach alongside their website, all while easily editing their content on their own. In addition, Evangelical wanted additional focus on their programs and to more easily display their events.

The Solution

Our team spent extra time in our discovery process – not only did we want to get to know Evangelical Seminary and learn what sets them apart, but we also studied competitor websites, communication strategies, and performed a thorough analysis of Evangelical Seminary’s prospects from the previous three years.
We wanted to know what was changing about the Evangelical Seminary prospect within the school, and what had changed in the overall seminary recruitment and communication process that we needed to be aware of as we developed our digital solutions. Our discovery process became the fuel for a successful design.

The Result

Based on Evangelical’s new online strategy, lead generation and specific marketing became critical factors in the redesign. We crafted custom landing pages that tied into marketing and communication efforts, and focused on simple, repeated contact points within pages to increase conversions from visitors into leads. Evangelical’s programs became a core attraction on their home page, in addition to a focus on their events.