The Challenge – Website

The Grand Rapids First website has two primary audiences: members and first time visitors. Their website serves to connect current members to one another and share resources, and exists as a welcome mat and outreach tool for families in the community. The new website needed to be designed in a way that promoted both of these audiences, as well as their needs.
Because Grand Rapids First is one of the largest churches in the Assemblies of God denomination, they offer an incredible amount of diverse ministries, groups, and activities. The old site was not equipped to handle their size or content well, and did not do an adequate job of filtering what they offered to visitors in a clear or concise way.

The Solution

One of our top goals was to ensure the new website would be easy to navigate for both current members and first-time visitors without feeling overwhelming. In addition, the amount of content and resources available needed to be organized logically and simply. Throughout the website, we wanted to build on the strength of their new brand with a design that complimented their new colors, look and feel. The concepts of “family,” “community,” and “coming home” were pivotal in the church’s rebrand, so we wanted to extend these messages within the site.

The Result

We crafted a custom website with multiple page templates that Grand Rapids First can re-use or re-purpose for new events, ministries or communications. The website aligns itself with their recent rebrand in look and feel, while remaining simple and focused on both audiences of members and first time visitors.