The Challenge – Branding

Lenca Farms is a start-up direct trade coffee bean company who sells their coffee straight from their farms to the door of their customers, cutting-out the traditional middleman buyers/sellers, and the organizations that control certifications. This approach improves the life of the coffee farmers and their families.
Lenca Farms approached us with a request to design their identity. They needed us to create a unique logo that reflected Honduras’ culture and the history of the Lenca people. The Lenca people are an indigenous people of southwestern Honduras and eastern El Salvador in Central America. They have preserved many of their traditional customs despite colonization, and we wanted to celebrate their unique culture with a brand identity that represented them.
Lenca Farms Logo

Our Solution

Our team went to work researching the Lenca people and their unique history. Our research eventually became a part of Lenca Farms’ about page as well as the iconography and design of the site. We created a custom symbol based on historical Lenca artwork.

The logo’s recognizable and unique symbol shown above has a high recycle value for branding potential. The symbol has been used across the site, in associated film pieces and social media, as well as on various branding elements.

We chose a strong red and black color to maximize the logo’s visibility and presence as well as represent the strength and vitality of the Lenca people.

Lenca Farms

The Challenge – Website

We dove into the website design and development with the goal of featuring Lenca’s coffee products and their origins. We really wanted to showcase details of their process all the way down to the very farm and farmer the the beans come from. Because coffee buyers don’t always understand concepts like Commodity, Fair Trade, and Direct Trade Coffee, we wanted to explain and educate the differences to consumers. There is a benefit to coffee buyers for Direct Trade coffee, and we wanted them to understand the Lenca Farms model and make an informed decision.
Lenca Farms uses a sustainable model that helps not only the seller, but the entire Lenca community. When you buy Lenca Farms coffee, you are—in effect—helping to sustain rural farmers in the Lenca community. An entire section on the website entitled “Learn” is dedicated to explaining the Lenca Farms model. We highlighted this aspect of their work because we knew many of their potential customers would be even more excited to learn that when they purchased coffee, it was also giving back to the Lenca community. We also wanted to dedicate a section of the website on educating users about the process of growing green bean coffee and the different wash processes. This is another differentiator for Lenca Farms, and it also helps potential customers make more educated decisions about their coffee purchases.
Lenca Farms Mobile
Lenca Farms Website Lenca Farms Website

“I could not be more happy with my experience of working with the team at Cross & Crown. When I first approached them, I only had an idea – they look the time to listen and advise me on the best way to achieve my goals. From branding to a new website, they provided the tools I needed to grow my business. I would recommend them to anyone looking to grow their business!”

Emilio Garcia, Owner