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Recharging Senior Living

Menno Haven is one of south-central Pennsylvania’s premier communities for retirement and senior living. From personal care to memory care, skilled care to rehabilitation, Menno Haven offers the utmost quality of services and care in the industry. With a multitude of ways to engage with with their audience, Menno Haven wanted to upgrade and refocus their online experience, including an update to their website.

Having worked extensively with Menno Haven in the past, Cross & Crown partnered with Menno Haven to reinvigorate their website, expand their digital presence, and drive more traffic to their website through paid advertising.


Rebuilding the Digital Experience

In efforts to remove confusion and focus on generating leads, Menno Haven realized they need to simplify their digital experience without losing the value of their content. With prime audiences ranging from ages 40 and up, Menno Haven wanted to focus on educating users looking at their services while offering simple ways to generate leads.

After holding stakeholder meetings with Menno Haven’s leadership, we determined we should simplify the site structure and create a more consumer-oriented approach to content. The Cross & Crown design team worked to redesign the website from top to bottom, creating new lead-generation tools while maintaining a simple design aesthetic focused on valued content.

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Capturing Life at
Menno Haven

Menno Haven strives to share it’s love for their residents and staff, as well as highlight their on-site amenities. As part of our digital strategy, it was essential for our team to bring the Menno Haven experience to life through relatable, real-life photos their audience could relate to.

The images we captured are used across the Menno Haven website and adapted for used through various social media campaigns, as well as Menno Haven’s own internal marketing efforts.


Increasing Engagement & Generating Leads

As a senior living organization, it was essential for Menno Haven to find qualified candidates for employment and increase their social media presence where potential hires are. In addition, Menno Haven wanted to increase their engagement through social media and paid advertising to generate more leads.

Cross & Crown utilized our video team to develop story-driven videos their audience could relate to and be used on their website and social media. In addition, our team developed and executed targeted social media campaigns to highlight open houses and community events.

As a mission-driven organization, Menno Haven is proud and thankful to have a partner in Cross & Crown. Not only do they provide expert guidance in the digital marketing field, but they walk alongside your organization to help it succeed in all capacities. With a solid foundation built on trust and transparency, Menno Haven can confidently say that Cross & Crown helps us innovate and stay ahead of the curve in a world that moves at lightning speed.

Leslie Ray | Menno Haven Retirement Communities


A Confidence Boost

Our work for Menno Haven proved to be effective and efficient as we produced wide-ranging results across their website and social media. We continue to work alongside Menno Haven to produce targeted marketing campaigns and consistent website updates.


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Increase in social media engagement

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