The Network for Landscape Conservation

The Challenge

We used the work we did with the South Mountain Partnership as a springboard for our work with The Network for Landscape Conservation (NLC). Both organizations share a passion to preserve our breathtaking landscapes and conserve and sustain all that makes certain areas across the US unique. NLC wanted to highlight the importance of landscape conservation and the values of landscape conservation to attract and broaden their community as well as build awareness of their work.
NLC wanted to be positioned as the go-to destination for landscape conservation professionals and demonstrate their thought leadership in the conservation field. Growing NLC’s online presence and community was foundational to their goals, though they were not sure how to accomplish this without a clear strategy or tactics.
network for landscape conservation

Our Solutions

The Network for Landscape Conservation had extensive and dated text content across all of their website. We worked with them to simplify and pair back the amount of content presented on high-level pages while creating an organized messaging and content path on their primary pages to guide visitors through the site as well as improve SEO performance.

To ramp up their thought leadership, we provided new avenues for content creation through their blog and new “Perspectives” area, which allows others within the NLC network to provide written, published input.

NLC’s existing database of US initiatives was robust, but dense and complex for the average visitor to understand. We worked with them to organize their database into a simpler, more visual representation of organized and sorted data that can be filtered.

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increase in new member applications

“As an emerging initiative, we greatly appreciated that Cross & Crown provided us the collaborative space to work through our story, and how our website can become a foundational platform for advancing our work. The result is a refined website that powerfully captures our story and advances our capacity to serve our community. And importantly, this platform has built-in flexibility that will allow us to adapt and evolve the website as the Network for Landscape Conservation itself continues to grow and mature.”

Jonathan S. Peterson, Communications Specialist