South East Asia Prayer Center Website

The Challenge

South East Asia Prayer Center (SEAPC) is a Christian global community of friends who believe lives are changed through prayer. After a website redesign with us in 2015, SEAPC has experienced steady, consistent growth and have seen their ministry expand both internally and externally. SEAPC’s existing web content had aged, and their website design was outdated.
In 2018, SEAPC contacted us to partner with them in updating their website. Among their goals for the year, SEAPC wanted to make sure their website was cohesive with all content they pushed out, remove unnecessary clicks from their navigation, and give greater access and focus to their blog.

Our Solutions

Since SEAPC had worked with us before, we had a strong rapport with them and a solid understanding of who SEAPC was and what their work involved. After connecting with SEAPC in our kick-off meeting, we learned how they had changed over the past three years, not only in what they do, but also where they work. Based upon this new information, we established a new sitemap that focused on their core areas of service and simplified access to other areas of their website.

To better understand what SEAPC does, we introduced a new “Overview” page which allows their audience to better understand SEAPC’s work on simpler level before digging deeper into the specifics of their work. We simplified SEAPC’s “About Us” pages by removing dated content to create a better flow of information and redesigned their “Donate” page to bring simplicity to the giving process while maintaining credibility to new and existing donors.

Lastly, to accomplish SEAPC’s goal of a better blog experience, we overhauled SEAPC’s blog layout to create a simpler reading environment and feature more immersive imagery. We made sure to include the details, such as author information, improved social sharing and access to other related content within their blog.

South East Asia Prayer Center mobile screens

"Thanks again for an absolutely incredible website! We appreciate all you do for us and our ministry."

Matthew Geppert, President of SEAPC