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Making Financial
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Serafini Financial Group, a recognized financial advising and planning firm located in Maryland, approached Cross & Crown to update and modernize their existing brand. Serafini Financial Group also tasked the Cross & Crown design team with rebuilding their website to serve as a resource for their customers and work as a tool to convert leads from.

Our design team worked to simplify and refine the Serafini Financial Group’s logo and brand, as well as design and develop a custom website built on the WordPress platform, allowing them to manage content on their own.


Refining an
Established Brand

Serafini Financial Group takes pride in who they are as a company, as well as the work they do for their clients. To properly reflect their quality and stature, they needed to update and refine their logo while keeping core elements of their existing brand.

Our design team took the challenge of refining their existing logo by examining the color palette, typography, and paying attention to the details. Our brand refresh stayed true to the heart of who Serafini Financial Group is while modernizing their logo for today, and the future.


A Strategy
For Empathy

Discussions surrounding financial planning are often difficult conversations to have. Understanding this, Serafini Financial Group wanted their website to convey how they simplify the complexities of financial planning. In an industry filled with different options, Serafini Financial Group wanted their audience to feel confident they would not have to go through financial planning alone.

Cross & Crown took the time to build a content strategy focused on individuals in specific stages of life. We helped develop content that communicates to their audience how Serafini Financial Group simplifies the process of financial planning no matter what stage your are in, as well as define the different services they collectively offer.

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Cross & Crown took the time to truly listen to who we were and what we stood for, and helped us build a website that shares our message and mission. Without their help, I am confident we would still be mired in drafts and re-drafts. Instead, we now have a website that has been an effective tool in an expanding digital world.

Douglas K. Nigh, CFP® | Serafini Financial Group


A Worthy Investment

Our work on modernizing Serafini Financial Group’s logo and brand appearance, as well as building a content strategy focused on client-specific stages of life helped improve and increase their digital footprint.


Increase in new web traffic

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