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The Challenge

Socrates in the City (SITC) was founded in 2000 as a lecture series in Manhattan and has morphed over the years to an interview format with host and founder, Eric Metaxas. SITC invites former speakers and other authors who are part of the Socrates “culture,” – thinkers who ask the big questions about life.
Socrates in the City approached Cross & Crown to create an online platform where users can watch or listen to content online while also seeing additional related content. They wanted to highlight speakers and authors who are part of the Socrates in the City “culture” as well as curate content into well-designed, organized sections with the ability to feature “selected works” Socrates in the City deems valuable or interesting.
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Our Solutions

We developed an online experience which clearly separates both audio and video content into one of two funnels: “watch” and “listen.” To accomplish this, we created a powerful, taxonomy-based search plugin to help users search for content based on author, speaker, or unique keywords. We knew a robust search engine would be foundational to allowing users to find what they were looking for and also for discovering new content they may not yet know about, but that would interest and delight them (and keep them coming back!)

We also designed an online store system to allow Socrates in the City to feature and sell chosen products, as users often want to listen to content on-the-go.

The online space we created allowed Socrates in the City to highlight past guests and their specific content. This is to help serve users relevant content related to their interest areas.

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"Cross & Crown took the time to understand our brand and create a design that reflects the whimsical, eclectic nature of Socrates in the City so beautifully. They also conveyed a strong sense of integrity and kept their word in delivering what was promised."

Elisa Leberis, Executive Producer