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Big Stage. Bigger Questions.

Socrates In The City holds a handful of live broadcast events each year, hosting conversations with notable thinkers such as Francis Collins, Malcolm Gladwell, John Lennox, Alice von Hildebrand, Dick Cavett, Hugh Hewitt, Sir John Polkinghorne, Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks, N.T. Wright, Os Guinness, and Peter Kreeft.

Cross & Crown took the lead on crafting a digital experience that showcases quality video and audio content, as well as highlighting guests, and an online store for curated products.

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A Bold Design

During our discovery phase, we established the design of the website should highlight content in a fun, unique, and bold way. Socrates in the City wanted their audience to access a variety of media content in different ways.

Throughout our planning and design process, our team worked to create a bold, appealing design that included useful ways for audiences to consume content. We structured the navigation based on content and media type while building a powerful, integrated search for users looking for deeper results.


Watch & Listen Anywhere

With video and audio content being at the core of Socrates in the City, we needed to establish a design that caters toward watching or listening on any type of device. With this in mind, our team separated both video and audio content to their own pages and designed a clean, simple layout to allow users to easily browse through what they watch or listen to.

We also created a powerful, taxonomy-based search plugin to help users find content based on author, speaker, or unique keywords. A robust search engine is foundational for allowing users to find what they are looking for and also to discover new content that can inspire and delight.

"Cross & Crown took the time to understand our brand and create a design that reflects the whimsical, eclectic nature of Socrates in the City so beautifully. They also conveyed a strong sense of integrity and kept their word in delivering what was promised."

Elisa Leberis | Executive Producer


A Place For More

Between Socrates Picks (a selection of “favorites”) and showcasing the books of founder Eric Metaxas, Socrates in the City wanted a way to list products from guests and non-guests for sale on their website. We crafted an online store, all managed through WordPress, allowing Socrates in the City to feature and manage products to create a new funnel for revenue generation.


Serious Solutions

Our bold design and focus on content exploration gave Socrates in the City a serious boost in web traffic and time spent on the site.


Increase in website traffic


Amount of time spent on website


Increase in engagement & events

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