The Challenge – Strategy

Because Sunnyway regularly provides delicious baked goods, fresh produce, and a wide variety of grocery items at reasonable prices, their leadership team was reluctant to change any of their traditional marketing channels such as print ads, in-store promotions, and television/radio ads.
Digital marketing was not on their radar, nor were they eager to adopt a digital strategy. As Sunnyway’s demographic became progressively younger, they realized the only way to engage their young, tech-diverse customers was to change their course towards digital.

Solution Part 1: Digital Marketing

Before Sunnyway Foods could identify an effective digital solution, they needed to understand what drives their younger consumer base to purchase or shop. We worked with their leadership team to develop a comprehensive audience outline that included engagement strategies for specific personas. Once their targeted audience was clearly identified and decided upon, our team created a digital content strategy that involved Facebook, SEO, and PPC advertising with results nothing short of phenomenal!


rise in engagement

Engagement on Sunnyway’s Facebook page went up by 152%. In the first month, we increased their Facebook followers by over 25%.

Solution Part 2: A New Website

The digital marketing success prompted Sunnyway’s leadership team to re-think their web presence and expand their digital footprint with a newly designed website. Sunnyway Foods continued to work with our team to develop a new website specifically designed to convey their in-store products, as well as convert potential customers into qualified leads by building their newsletter subscription list. We also were able to feature unique content such as coupons, recipes, pump perks and employment opportunities.

Solution Part 3: Brand Video

To leverage the buying habits of the younger demographic – who increasingly use video to make purchasing decisions – our team recommended integrating video into Sunnyway Food’s digital strategy. We wanted to showcase the rich history and heritage of Sunnyway Foods and the deep commitment to their community by providing quality goods.







Solution Part 4: The App

The success of the first three parts of our digital strategy encouraged the Sunnyway Foods leadership team to take the next step and invest in an app. Sunnyway had a long tradition of providing the best service to all demographics, so we felt providing the mobile-generation with an app would amplify their service commitment into the mobile arena.
The Sunnyway Foods app features push notifications to allow Sunnyway to engage directly with customers in real time and integrates directly with a 3rd party to provide real time data on user’s PumpPerk Programs points. The app also features weekly specials, shopping list and Sunnyway Foods in-store recipes right at customers fingertips.

"Cross & Crown and their entire team have been a pleasure to work with. They have become our partner to get our company more involved with social media and online marketing. They completely rebuilt our website and are currently working on other exciting projects for our future."

Derek Martin