The Challenge – Faculty Microsite

We embarked on a strategic process of discovery, planning, prototyping, designing, and developing a platform that accomplished Westminster’s goal of providing a content-rich, user-centric platform. We worked closely with Westminster’s internal team until the faculty microsite was born.
The microsite features faculty bios and a comprehensive interface to showcase an array of faculty content ranging from video, audio, long-form text, and books. The microsite garnered approval from administration and staff, and remains a key element of the discovery process for prospective students.

The Result

The success of the microsite earned our team a seat at the table with Westminster leadership where we have continued to be an extension of their internal advancement, marketing, and online learning departments. We have partnered with Westminster on multiple projects including marketing, digital and film.

The Challenge – Online Learning

Within the ever changing dynamics of education, Westminster’s leaders were cognizant of their need to evolve and grow to meet the expectations of prospects and students. Westminster realized their education needed to be digital, mobile, and on-demand to appeal to their target student demographic.
To address their targeted demographic, Westminster created an online learning curriculum designed to allow students to take classes and study from all over the world. Once the curriculum was written, Westminster used us to help digitize their content and create a platform for it to be presented with.


hours of footage


learning animations


complete online courses

The Result

The first semester of available online learning was enrolled at 100% capacity. Westminster’s new online learning platform allows them to provide top quality education to their students, wherever they may be. We continue to be a resource for Westminster as a technology and film partner to continue to help them expand their reach online.