Claire Noble on
Thanks for this great break down, Trevor. I know when I started using video, I literally didn't know where to start. I know that sounds funny. But I literally felt overwhelm with exactly what kind of video to invest in first. I did a ton of research and wanted to start with a testimonial/interview kind of video because it felt the most real and authentic, you know. And, like you said, 88% of people trust reviews online. After a lot of back and forth (and re-examining the budget a lot), I ended up going with a branding video. I made it with a tool I found online (I weighed between two, Magisto and Promo. I went with Promo in the end.) It wasn't as amazing as the Apple example you shared (which is awesome) but I liked the result. I put some budget behind it on Facebook ads and was super pleased with the results. It definitely makes me want to make more and different kinds of videos and this list helped me broaden my scope of possibilities. So thanks so much.

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