Alece on
this! I have been in those situations where someone is clearly not present with me, and it makes me ever more aware of the ways and times I inadvertently do the same thing to others. working hard to get better at this... i don't have anything else to add to the list, but I'm definitely interested in stealing -- I mean, gleaning -- some ideas from others...
Amelia on
Love this post. Some things that I do to help me be "more present" as mentioned above is turn of my twitter and fb notifications. I also have certain days especially a day on the weekend where I turn of my cell phone for a time to just be with my family. This is a continual struggle for me as well but one that I am trying to improve on and be more intentional about.
    Trevor Roberts on
    Turning off notifications -- either entirely or during set personal "quiet hours" -- is so huge. What an amazing message of value that communicates to those around us.
Brad on
Great post, Trevor! Nothing gets me more than being ignored by someone staring down at their phone WHILE talking to them. A little disconnect would do a lot of folks some good.
    Trevor Roberts on
    How do you set boundaries to keep a good balance with this, Brad?
Dana McCallian Byers (@danalbyers) on
I like these suggestions! Thank you. When I'm in a meeting or on a call - even if no one else is in the room - I shut my laptop so that no opportunities to be distracted catch my attention. I also try to schedule all my calls while my kids are at school so I'm present with my partners when we meet and so I'm present and completely available for my kids when they're at home. We also have TV-free nights at home so that my husband and I can put our phones away and look into each others' eyes to chat.
    Trevor Roberts on
    Such a great list of tips, Dana. Thank you!
    alece on
    oooooh! i appreciate that suggestion to shut the laptop when i'm on the phone (even when i'm by myself) because that ALWAYS ends up being a distraction for me...
Tracy Culler on
I agree with you and for the last 6 months, I have used silent or left my phone in the car or at home to avoid the distractions. I want to enjoy the present in the real and now time. I believe that I survived in the good old days (as my parents use to say) and I am going to survive now. Sometimes to much information can be a bad thing. The tips are helpful and to bad the rest of society would take these to heart and enjoy what is in front of them (in person).
    Trevor Roberts on
    You're right -- sometimes too much (and too constant) is more detrimental than beneficial. We all need to practice the art of being present...

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