Alece on
i get stuck in this dance WAY too often. between my perfectionism and my fear of failure, it is easy for me to never actually pull the trigger on something. in fact, i have quite a few half-written posts in my drafts folder that i need to open up, brush the dust off of, work on them a bit, and then just go ahead and hit "publish". that's my challenge for the week ahead...
    Trevor Roberts on
    Perfectionism and a fear of failure is a dangerous combination!
Phil on
Perfectionism or being a perfectionist is a heavy burden to bear. For years, if I couldn't assure a reasonable chance of getting close to the "perfect" mark ... I wouldn't pursue it. With age comes a mellowing ... you come to realize that no one really truly appreciates the effort that goes in to perfecting anything .... I've resorted to calling myself a craftsman versus a perfectionist.
    Trevor Roberts on
    Good point, Phil. The majority of people won't even notice or appreciate the minor details we're busy perfecting anyway... And I like that differentiation -- a craftsman vs a perfectionist.

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