Americans sent 1.5 billion Christmas cards last year.

Actual printed cards. With stamps on them. Snail mail style.

I don’t know about you, but that number surprises me. With the culture’s shift away from real mail (think paperless bank/credit card statements) and the prevalence of e-cards, it is just shocking to me that so many physical cards were sent last year.

1.5 billion.


That’s eight zeroes!

And that’s a lot of Christmas cards.

Since I can’t resist a good infographic, here’s some coffee break reading for you…

 [click the graphic for a zoomed-in view][image from]

I wonder if more or less cards will be sent this year.

Maybe we should all throw our guesses into the ring…

What do you think?
Will we send more than 1.5 billion cards this year?

What about YOU?
Will you send Christmas cards??


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