4 Tips to Creating a Product Video that Converts

July 25, 2017

Promoting your product or service using a film is a proven promotional method. Statistics and surveys all show that video marketing works, especially when you are using film to explain a product or service. But what is the process for creating a product film?

Creating a Product film is similar to creating an Explainer or Branding film. As we discussed in the Explainer Film post  you must: (1) determine the appropriate length of your film, and (2) establish your film’s personas. Additionally, as we discussed in our Branding Film post, you need to know (3) what your core identity is and is not in order to successfully convey that information, and (4) it’s important to plan out what you want your audience to THINK, to FEEL, and to DO in response to your film.

Here are 4 more tips to creating a stellar product film:

Keep it Short

With product and service videos, the shorter the better. We recommend no longer than 1 minute. Think of the product film as a video version of an elevator pitch. In an elevator pitch you have 30 seconds (or 30 floors if you happen to work in New York City), to “pitch” your business, product, or service line to someone sharing the elevator with you. Your film is your “virtual” elevator so make sure you are getting your point across in a clear and compelling manner in 1 minute or less.

Practice Makes Perfect

In the case of a product video, a script is a necessity. Plan what your goals are for the film. Script everything out. Find a location that works for the script you’ve written (or write the script around the location you find). Once you have your actors or voice-overs, make them practice the script at least 7 times. Tweak as necessary and then practice again. Do a dry run with your video equipment at the location to make sure that you are getting the lighting and impact that you want.

Still not sure how to proceed in creating a great Product Film? We are here to help.

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Be Responsive

We all know the benefits of responsive web design and understand it’s a must for every website. But let’s look at the essence of what “responsive” really means as it pertains to the entirety of the digital environment. A truly responsive website makes functionality and design “respond” to a customer’s needs. For example, a customer on desktop may want to research more about the history of a restaurant, look at the menu, and see the customer testimonials. But a customer viewing a website on their phone while commuting from work simply wants to know how to navigate to the restaurant—and this is the essence of being “responsive” — responding to the context that the customer is interacting with your marketing data. Films must be just as responsive. They must be able to answer the customer’s questions, concerns, and address their needs in a format and using language that is contextually responsive.

Tell the Story

We are a story people. When visitors arrive at your site, they don’t want to hear the process of your service or the technical specifications of your product, they want a story. Show and tell your product—yes—but more importantly, share a story about how your customers can use the product, answer the question why that product or service is unique, and demonstrate it through a compelling story.

A recent Harvard Business review article says:

Facts and figures and all the rational things that we think are important in the business world actually don’t stick in our minds at all. But stories create “sticky” memories by attaching emotions to things that happen.

Take it from Hollywood…stories are compelling!


Every story has a structure, also known as a narrative progression or story arc that you can follow step-by-step to develop a compelling script. Using one of the following templates, develop a story around your product or service that is compelling to your potential audience. Show it to co-workers and people outside of your organization to determine if your story will “sell!”

The Hero’s Journey



Still not sure how to progress with a Product Film? Contact us today and we can help!

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