5 Signs Your Site is Due for a Re-Design

February 18, 2013

5 mins

All too often people apply the old adage of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” to their website design. But the thing is… Most people don’t realize their site is “broke” even when it is.

So how can you know when it’s time to redesign your website? Here are five signs that it’s definitely time…

1. Your site is outdated

If you look at your site and it feels like it’s stuck in a time capsule compared with the majority of websites today, then it’s definitely time. And make note: An outdated site relates to more than aesthetics. Your site might be lacking security measures, social media features, or a strong focus on images — or it might utilize features (like Flash) that are notably antiquated. A theme or design from even just a few years ago might look dated now. The Web changes fast, and has evolved significantly in the last few years. If your website is more than a few years old, it’s time for a redesign.

2. Your site isn’t mobile-friendly

Many people now use smartphones and tablets to surf the Web. If your site does not include a mobile version, you are missting a huge percentage of your target audience. Check your own site on a mobile device — What do you see? Is it slow to load? Is content missing? Are fonts sized disproportionately? Updating your site to include a mobile version is crucial to reach all your customers (and potential customers).

3. Your site hasn’t fully integrated social media

There’s no way around it — Your company has to be embrace social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. They are great tools for engaging with customers, developing your brand, and marketing your business. Your website should make it easy for people to connect with you in the social media world. If social media links aren’t visible on your site, it automatically looks outdated.

4. Your site doesn’t clearly convey who you are

An “Internet minute” is even shorter than a “New York minute”. You have a small window of time to capture interest and communicate the essence of who you are when a visitor lands on your site. What is the one thing you want people to know about you? Does your home page effectively communicate that? It is important for your site navigation to be intuitive and simple. If people cannot easily find the information they are looking for, they will give up.

5. Your site hasn’t grown with you

Your website is an extension and a reflection of your business. If your logo, branding, slogan, products, or services have changed, it is crucial that your site is upgraded to reflect those changes.


So… is it time to re-design your website? 

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