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7 Reasons Why Your Next Email Marketing Campaign Must Include Video

February 16, 2021

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Email marketing is one of the most accessible and effective marketing tactics available today. Businesses that use email to nurture leads and stay in touch with loyal customers have reported  as much as a 760% increase in revenue. When strategically incorporated into an overarching digital marketing campaign, email marketing is nearly guaranteed to make your business more money.

We know that video marketing significantly increases customer engagement across the board. Brand videos, testimonials, and product videos can make a remarkable and measurable impact on the effectiveness of your web presence, and subsequently, the ultimate success of your digital marketing efforts. So it stands to reason that incorporating video marketing into your email strategy could be the secret to skyrocketing sales in 2021!

Spam and overflowing inboxes have given email a bad rep, but in reality, it truly is the most consistently effective tool in the digital marketer’s toolbox. Some folks want to put all their marketing eggs in the social media basket, and while we believe in the power of social media marketing, it’s important to remember that there are not nearly as many social media users as there are email accounts.

In our last blog post, we shared a compelling statistic regarding the number of people who own a mobile device. We discovered that 3.8 billion people worldwide use mobile devices. Alongside that statistic, we also learned that 3.9 billion people have an email account and almost half of them are accessing their email on a mobile device. By way of comparison, Facebook has 2.8 billion user accounts, including users ages 13-18 who likely aren’t your target audience.

Simply put, more adults use email than social media—and they’re checking email every day. This is a captive audience you don’t want to neglect.

Now think about your email subscribers. If you’re making strategic use of lead offers and landing pages, you likely have a growing list of people who want to hear from you about the products and services you offer. This audience is primed and ready to receive video content from you. So why not start recording videos today?

Here are seven reasons why you should incorporate videos into your email marketing campaigns:

  1. Marketing Videos are Fast and Effective – Using video in email marketing campaigns increases customer engagement faster than messages without videos. The reason is simple, really. People prefer to watch videos over reading. Dropping a quick video in email marketing campaigns is a quick and easy way to foster the relationship between your brand and your customers.
  2. Marketing Videos Have Higher Conversion Rates – Placing a video in your email marketing campaigns practically guarantees a higher click-through rate. In fact, emails with videos are 90% more likely to convert than emails without videos. The math is simple: more click-throughs lead to more conversions. 
  3. Marketing Videos Make Complex Subjects Easier to Understand –. We’ve talked a lot about how video helps brand messages to be simple and clear. Seconds count when you have to capture a new lead’s attention and if your message is confusing you will lose opportunities. The engaging nature of video content—such as explainer videos—helps your audience understand and remember the messages you’re sharing with them. 
  4. Marketing Videos Help Nurture Leads – Video marketing in email campaigns is a great way to nurture your new email subscribers. Consumers become loyal to brands that are proactive with personal connections. Testimonial videos are very powerful in the process of nurturing new leads. Even something as simple as a welcome video can make a deep and lasting impression on a new business lead. 
  5. Marketing Videos Strengthen Customer Relationships – People like intel and feeling “in the know” about the brands they love (and FOMO is legit)! Make your most loyal customers feel like insiders by offering email subscribers a video sneak peek into new products and services on the horizon. Remember, engaged customers equal more conversions.  
  6. Marketing Videos Are Easy to Share – Your email messages are more likely to be forwarded by your subscribers if they contain compelling video content. Also, when something goes viral online, it’s almost always in the form of a video. It’s rare to see a plain text message go viral; it happens but not nearly as often as a viral video. So if you have a message you want to spread far and wide, send it in a video. 
  7. Marketing Videos Personalize the Brand 

Incorporating brand videos into your email marketing campaigns give your customers, prospects, and leads a window into your company’s culture. We love how our client Roy Pitz Brewing Company has taken great care to personalize their brand with their Liquid Art Stories. Dropping videos like these into email campaigns is guaranteed to boost click-through rates and boost sales opportunities.

Let’s Work Together to Create Videos For Your Next Email Campaign

We’ve worked with many clients who’ve reported increased brand awareness and significant growth with brand videos. Whether that’s from a product video, testimonial, or a brand video giving insight into your company culture, video marketing will build stronger relationships between you and your target audience. Incorporating these kinds of videos into email campaigns will be the fuel you need to take your next inbound campaign to the next level.

Give us a call and let’s brainstorm more ways to use video to supercharge your email marketing strategies!

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