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A Bookstore with Heart | Westminster Bookstore

October 29, 2015

While we enjoy the occasional one-off projects that come our way, we’re most passionate about building long-term partnerships with our clients. Our work with Westminister Theological Seminary is a great example of our sweet spot.

We’ve worked with Westminister Theological Seminary (WTS) in Philadelphia, PA, for the past year. Initially, they asked us to produce some videos and print pieces, which was a great introduction to their brand and their values. Then they approached us to help rethink their faculty website. We spent the next six months creating a new site focused on the content their faculty creates, which was released in August. (We are really proud of the work our team did on this one; take a look when you can:

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Westminster Bookstore is the campus bookstore for the seminary, supplying high quality and biblically faithful resources not only for students but for the public at large. WTS asked us to create a video that showcases the heart of their bookstore: that it’s not about turning a profit, but about getting the right materials in the hands of those who need it.

They wanted to premiere the video at the Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation National Conference. As the official bookstore of the event, it was the perfect time and place to premiere this incredible glimpse into who they are and what makes them unique.

They also requested a second video to show the process of what happens when someone orders a book online. We had a lot of fun shooting and producing this one!

We were excited to get this great feedback from Josiah Pettit, Manager of Marketing & Design at WTS, following the event:

“Both videos were a massive hit! We had tons of people come up and tell us how excited they were to support us — both customers and those who’d never heard about us before. I had more than one person ask if they could show the video at their church to let people know about us. We also had the shipping video running on loop at our booth and people loved it. We tripled our expected revenue for the weekend. Overall a huge success — thanks for helping make it happen!”

Even after the conference, the video continues to share the story of Westminster Bookstore in powerful ways, as evidenced in this post on the Gospel Coalition site »

It’s beyond refreshing to see a business run with heart, and we are proud to partner with them to help tell their incredible story. 

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