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A Look Inside the Creative Mind of Our Senior Designer: Adam Swisher

December 3, 2020

5 minutes

We are privileged to work among some of the greatest artists, strategists, managers, and storytellers in the business. It’s amazing to see the caliber and quality of work that our team turns out, year after year. As we challenge and inspire each other in our work, our team grows stronger in both professionalism and creative craftsmanship. Today we highlight the work of one of our senior designers and long-time team members—Adam Swisher. 

Adam has created cutting-edge designs for Cross & Crown clients for 10 years this month. We are celebrating him today and expressing our appreciation for the imaginative contributions he has made for our clients and for the success of this company. Over the last decade, Adam has had his hand in well over 500 projects! We are incredibly blessed to have him influencing the work we do and it has been a joy to watch him evolve and excel as a designer and a leader in this space. 

Adams’ work is characterized by rich textures, energizing color palettes, and careful attention to detail. He has a knack for matching abstract ideas to design styles that communicate memorable messages. Let’s take a look at how his work has evolved from 2010 to today.

2010 – “Disciple” Branding for Email Campaign

Cross & Crown began doing a lot of creative work for bands and music festivals. In 2010, we put Adam on a project for Christian crossover rockers “Disciple” to design the branding for an email marketing campaign promoting their new album. We love how he captured the mood of Disciple’s unique style and expressed that in the design.

2011 – African Revival Branding and Web Design

Adam came to us as a graphic designer, but over the years, he has learned to apply his artistry to building websites. Here is one of his first website designs created in 2011 for African Revival Fellowship.

2012 – Chambersburg Project Logo Design

Cross & Crown makes our home in Chambersburg, PA, and most of us are locals to the South Central Pennsylvania region, so it’s always an honor to be chosen by the local community to assist with promoting all of the wonderful things we love about this area. Over the years, we’ve helped the Chambersburg Project with several projects and Adam has designed multiple iterations of their logo.

The Chambersburg Project is an annual summer missions effort where youth from around the area come together to serve the community by making home repairs in impoverished areas of Franklin County. The logos Adam designs for this nonprofit are always fresh and demonstrative of the organization’s mission and message.

2013 – GoFor Branding, Website, and Mobile App Design

As Adam continued expanding his skill set, this project for GoFor added mobile app design to the mix. We really love the color palette and clean look he created for this project. 

2014 – Food for the Hungry + JOHNNYSWIM Website Design

We love helping passionate people make a difference in the world, and have the privilege of serving many nonprofit clients around the globe. We’ve partnered with Food for the Hungry several times over the years, and this partnership project with JOHNNYSWIM is a great example of how Adam’s website designs are rich with textured layers that give images a multidimensional feel.

2014 – 4G Design Build website design

Another project we want to highlight from 2014 is the website Adam created for North Carolina based 4G Design Build. We love how Adam conveyed this custom homebuilder’s high-end brand message in the details of their website.

2015 – Abednego Coffee Roasters Logo and Bag Design

Our friends at Abednego Coffee Roasters are working hard to support the fair-trade coffee industry and support humanitarian aid by donating a percentage of sales to non-profit organizations, locally and around the world. This design is an example of Adam’s ability to translate branding across a variety of mediums. Designing a logo is a craft that requires understanding all of the ways that logo may be applied to various collateral, and in this case, bags of delicious, fair-trade coffee beans.

2015 – Golden Eagle Cabinet Shop Website Design

Also in 2015, Adam created this website for Golden Eagle Cabinet Shop. I mean what else can we say, this has to be the most beautiful website in all of the custom woodworking industry! The warmth and attention to detail that exudes from this branding perfectly conveys the warmth and detailed craftsmanship of this local artisan. Five years later and the website is still live—it’s that good!

2016 – Mid-Maryland Dairy Vets Logo Design and the Khayamandi Foundation Website

It’s getting harder and harder to narrow down our favorites year-to-year. As you can see, Adam’s work is refining like fine wine and our clients continue coming back for more. Here are two more examples of how Adam uses his design expertise to tell brand stories that people don’t soon forget. The website he designed for Khayamandi Foundation is still live today!

2017 – Lenca Farms Logo and Website

Another example of Adam’s talent for designing high-quality graphics for the fair-trade coffee industry, this Lenca Farms logo and website design (also still live today!) help this product make a lasting impression on their audience. 

2018 – Wayfind Marketing Branding and Website

Our business partners and friends at Wayfind Marketing in Memphis, TN are still thrilled with the logo and website redesign Adam created for this southern agency. This brand’s expression relies on natural and somewhat of a wilderness-style imagery, to convey their message of using marketing strategy to help small businesses trailblaze through their various industries. The rugged edges and bold colors perfectly convey the personality of this unique brand.

2019 – GoInnovation website

After 10 years of working in this industry, Adam has honed his ability to capture the essence of a brand and portray it creatively. His keen attention to detail enables him to identify just the right fonts and colors to represent each distinct brand, such as this website design for GoInnovation

2020 – PA Parks & Forest Foundation Website

Pennsylvania has some of the most stunning greenspaces in the country (and maybe the world). The rich, lush, landscape of this area is one we must work together to protect and preserve. Adam’s website design for the PA Parks & Forest Foundation is a beautiful and interactive rallying point to unite those who enjoy these lands and communicate their important messages to the community.

Finally, we would be remiss to forget to highlight Adam’s most recent creative contributions to the Cross & Crown brand: our new website! He had a significant role in the redesign, so if you want a real-time look at his current style, click around here and see more of his outstanding work.

One Last Thing…

We are coming to the end of our journey through a decade of Adam Swisher’s contributions, but before we go, we want to highlight one last thing that we love about working with Adam, something we know he’s proud of, and that he may not know inspires and endears him to us: his desk! Adam is a true creative and takes great pride in everything from the logos he designs to the placement of art in his workspace.

We hope you have enjoyed this fun adventure through some of our favorite Adam Swisher creations! When he first came to us he was fresh out of college. Over the years it has been exciting to watch him hone his craft, pick up new skills, and make a significant impact on brands and nonprofits around the world.

And Adam, we hope you feel loved and know how much we value your contributions to this important work. What you create matters and makes a memorable impression on more people than you know. Keep up the great work and happy 10 year anniversary with us!

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