Bet Ya Didn’t Know We Do This: Learning Management Systems and Online Training

January 21, 2020

6 mins

Last week we introduced a new series that we are really excited about featuring services we “bet ya didn’t know” we offer our clients. Websites are often used as marketing tools to get information out to the masses, but did you also know that you can leverage the web to streamline your business, keep your employees more connected, and operate more efficiently—saving you time and money? 

Today in our “bet ya didn’t know” series we cover Learning Management Systems (LMS) and training videos. There are a variety of ways a company can use this technology within its framework, but the most common use tends to be employee onboarding and training. We’ve worked with multiple clients to create both training videos and learning management systems which are simply the platform for delivering and monitoring end-user engagement with the content.  

LMS Helps Companies Achieve Excellence 

Companies and organizations that require industry-specific training or certifications often come to us with requirements to build a customized solution that meets their industry’s needs. For example, we helped a large media company that employs independent contractors to create an LMS for contractor training and certification. We designed an online training and testing environment that enables managers to easily monitor their contractors’ certification progress and notify them when an individual successfully completes a course. This ensures consistency by offering each individual the opportunity to meet insurance or contractual requirements in a standardized way.

We’ve also worked with national companies needing a consistent new employee onboarding process. Videos offer a level of control and consistency a larger company may lose when it outsources training. Executives can rely on brand videos to bring all employees together on the same page, communicate the vision and values of the organization, help new people recognize key leaders, understand how to engage with partners, and make a strong visual impression without the cost of in-person training sessions.   

Online Training Saves Time and Money 

One example of cost-savings using LMS comes by way of Prison Fellowship Ministries headquartered just outside of Washington, DC. With employees and volunteers across the country, this nonprofit needed a way to onboard their teams and keep everyone on the same page in terms of training and messaging. We worked with PFM to create video training modules that ultimately saved the organization over $250,000. Not only a budgetary saving, but we were also able to help PFM buy back some time by giving employees the flexibility to train independently from anywhere with an internet connection.

Helping People Do More Good 

Another nonprofit using LMS to further its mission is the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE). After receiving a 1 million dollar grant for the Lilly Foundation, NAE brought us on to create a brand and website for their financial stewardship initiative, Financial Health for All. We worked together to build an LMS and create training videos to strengthen pastors and churches in the area of financial health. 

Financial concerns shouldn’t be a stumbling block that keeps pastors from following God’s call, but this is an area that often becomes a significant point of contention and distraction in contexts where training is needed but missing. To that end, NAE set out to provide education and training to pastors and church leaders who make financial decisions, making courses available through an online LMS. These courses are designed to help them manage the pressures and burdens that come with leading small churches with even smaller budgets. 

Since the LMS launched, over 1500 people have completed the program. We are proud to help organizations like NAE do more good and help people grow and accomplish their goals in creative ways.  

Online Classroom Environments 

In the case of Westminster Theological Seminary, they came to us in need of a complete online learning environment. Westminster realized their education needed to be digital, mobile, and on-demand to appeal to their target student demographic. We worked with these educators to create a compelling, content-focused platform built for the next generation of students. We filmed a whole semester of video content, including over 350 hours of footage, 200 learning animations, and 8 online courses—enough to fulfill a degree requirement for Westminster. The result was an online representation of Westminster’s high-quality classroom experience, professional videos packaged in an easily consumable way, and with options to zero in on specific areas of focus.  

This approach to onboarding, training, testing, and certification can save companies and organizations time and money that can be reinvested in other profitable ways. It’s convenient for owners, managers, employees, and contractors because the training is web-based and easily accessible day or night. We also ensure that all of our training environments are secure to the level of detail required by each individual client. During the discovery process, we work with your team to ensure that every detail is addressed and nothing falls through the crack. This results in an airtight online training program that will set your brand apart and give you a leg up on the competition because your people are unified behind the brand you’re creating. 

We hope that some of these stories have at least piqued your curiosity and helped you consider some unique ways you could employ LMS or training videos within your unique context. Or maybe this has given you an idea that we can help you bring to reality. Let’s set up a meeting to discuss your thoughts and we can work together to create and implement a system that saves you time and money.

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