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Case Study: How the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is Stamping Out Human Trafficking

December 26, 2017

Human Trafficking is one of those things people don’t like to talk about. It’s not pretty.

But the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) makes it a priority to talk about it–because just like in every state–it happens here in Tennessee. 

As a part of the TBI’s public awareness campaign, TBI wanted to unpack the concept of “IT” as a way to create mystery around the issue of human trafficking. And that’s where the campaign and corresponding video “It Has To Stop” was born.

Part I: The challenge they were facing

The TBI had developed a graphic look for the campaign, a website, and corresponding campaign resources. They started a with a concept and a script for a Public Service Announcement (PSA), but quickly realized that they needed a team with high-level expertise to bring the campaign’s centerpiece to reality. TBI also needed the finalized PSA on a limited budget. In a month.

Part II: Our solution(s)

The TBI knew of our work through a friend. They mentioned that they were “pleasantly surprised” when our bid on the project was far more competitive than any other company they contacted. Cross and Crown “exceeded expectations” from the point of bidding and didn’t stop there!

The partnership between the TBI and Cross & Crown was seamless. The TBI team mentioned how thankful they were that the conversions around the project were easy. They said,

“Some companies wanted to rework the entire campaign, but Cross & Crown was not only receptive to our ideas, but also embraced them. They really seemed to connect with the cause and our specific approach. In the end, we could be more pleased with the final product.”

Our work with TBI was a breeze. Our teams worked efficiently and carefully together. We focused on ensuring that the talent used had the right tone, voice, and looked their best. TBI brought their A-game to the taping. We involved them in every step of the process to ensure they were satisfied with the results.

Both teams stayed highly engaged during post-production. We focused on responsiveness to ensure that the end product would meet the tight deadline and quality both teams were striving for. We knew this video would make a huge impact and both teams were really invested in ensuring that would become a reality.

Part III: The Results

The response has been phenomenal. We launched the video in 2014 and it continues to generate significant monthly traffic.

Several nonprofits are using the TBI video to promote the issue. This in turn drives traffic to the TBI website and further helps cement the TBI as a partner in the fight against this kind of crime.

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TBI is also trying to secure grant funding to place the “It Has To Stop” PSA on television stations. They work with sports teams across Tennessee to secure rotation on the screens at home games as well. All of this driving traffic and awareness of this important issue.

The TBI team is dreaming about what’s next for the campaign in the coming months and years, knowing that the fight against Human Trafficking will be hard-fought because they are targeting the front lines of aggressive evil. TBI said to us recently

“It’s nice to know we have a partner – on the creative side of things.”

Cross & Crown is honored to partner with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation to end human trafficking in our world.


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