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Case Study: Reaching the World: One Seminary Course at a Time

May 15, 2018

Part I: Background info
Southern Evangelical Seminary (SES) has been ranked the Best General Apologetics Graduate Program by, since 1992. The synthesis of sound philosophy, classical apologetics, and a cohesive Bible-based theology has enabled SES to to equip Christians to persuasively share their faith in a secular world.

Part I: The challenge
One of the many ministry arms of SES was an online education platform called the Lay Institute that was designed to allow users to experience the content in unaccredited classes. The current system was hard to manage, inconsistent with the SES branding, and did not provide the best user experience for the users.

Part III: Our solution
We worked with the team at SES to spec out a new system that would meet their current and future needs. We designed a new website that enhanced their brand and provided a much easier to use user interface for users.

The backend was refreshed using Wordpress and the LearnDash Plugin to provide enhanced Learning Management Systems functions. An e-commerce platform was built into the website solution to allow users to purchase and pay for the courses on the website.

One of the other highlights of the new website was an enhanced mobile experience. Part of our strategy was understanding that users would be using all types of devices (iPads, iPhones, tablets, laptops, and desktops). We intentionally designed the user experience on all devices so that it would remain consistent and easy on all devices.Cross & Crown also provided data transition for SES to provide a seamless transition from the previous system to the new one.

Lay Institute Mobile Screens

Part IV: The Results
Cross & Crown has been working with SES since 2016 on a variety of projects ranging from the redesign of the main, website and app for their annual apologetics conference. The relationship has been fruitful.

The new website has been accepted well with many complimenting the ease of use and new user interface. Users continue to sign up and enjoy the courses on a daily basis. We look forward to continuing our long and fruitful relationship with SES.

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