Choosing the Right Native Mobile App for Your Organization

April 18, 2017

5 mins

Building a responsive website means bridging the gap between your platform and the user’s needs. It’s an indispensable tool when carving out a niche in the e-commerce marketplace. When you go one step farther into the world of mobile apps, as long as your mobile app has unique functionality (see our blog post about that here), you open a wider range of possibilities for your customers.

What is a Native App?

A great way to drive new traffic, boost sales conversion, and experience a great return on investment is by developing a native app. Native apps can add significant value if designed with functionality that is unique from your website. They work by creating content specific to mobile platforms, allowing you to detect and respond to mobile audiences, as well as take advantage of platform-specific perks.

Native apps boost traffic by connecting directly to mobile markets serving as another outlet for your growing business. Additionally, native apps provide an additional method for new visitors to access your products and services. Considering that 90 percent of consumers’ mobile time is spent on apps, there are many compelling reasons to consider developing an app for your business.

A Native Mobile App Must Add Unique Value

Let’s pretend that you are a real estate agent looking for a way to breathe new life into the numerical side of your business. A customized native app could include anything from mortgage calculation functions and value assessment to renting vs. buying comparisons that will lead your users to engage more meaningfully with the platform and, as a result, your business. In addition to this functionality, native apps are beneficial in that they are accessible with increased speed, optimized aspect ratios, and market streams.

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But it’s not just about business

Apps aren’t just for “for-profit” work, lots of non-profit options are in the marketplace. Consider the app Instead that allows users to manage their finances more effectively so they can donate the remainder to charity. It’s not only an outlet for users to look at their spending habits but it also allows the end-user to give and stay connected to organizations they care about.

In addition to creating a website that is responsive, a website app allows functionality that is unique, thus encouraging users to stay connected all day, every day. Without the simple interface and easy accessibility, Instead would not have been able to achieve the success it has seen today.

Businesses today use a myriad of internal apps that help streamline their business processes. We’ve created the following types of business apps:

  • An Employee Portal that provides employees with HR information, time off requests, company directories, and other tools specific to that organization. This allows employees to have access to the most recent information at their fingertips and streamlines their workflow processes.
  • A Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Directory for a construction client. Both construction and manufacturing clients are required by law to maintain stringent safety protocols and keep records of how they are in compliance. One of our clients tracked safety compliance using large paper binders for each job site. We worked with this client to create a web app that is searchable, easy to maintain, and eliminates extensive paper records.
  • A Trucking Billing app that tracks hours and mileage on our client’s fleet of trucks. The app allows our client to run a variety of reports including billing, mandatory downtime, and overtime.
  • An Employee Review portal for a radio network. We worked with a national radio network to build a web app to streamline the employee review process with their distributed team of over 2,500 employees.

For YOUR business or organization

Contact us to get started on your native mobile app development today. Let’s work together and explore the possibilities open to your business or organization. By taking advantage of optimized usability, native-only features, and rapidly growing market streams, you will be able to leave a strong impression on your new fans and followers.

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