“Son, college student, husband, president and CEO—words describing an entrepreneur in his prime, enjoying the span of a long, successful career. Words that also describe Shippensburg University senior Trevor Roberts. p class=”body_text”img src=”http://sumag.ship.edu/BackstagePasses.jpg” alt=”” align=”right” border=”0″ height=”440″ width=”290″ /To see this young man walking across campus, one wouldn’t guess he is the CEO of a respected media company, working with top companies across the country or the president of a concert promotions organization, selling out venues from Hagerstown, Maryland to Altoona. How does he juggle everything and still find time for classes and schoolwork? How did this twenty-two-year-old become a major player before earning his college degree? Two words: creativity and conviction….” Read the rest of the article at a href=”http://sumag.ship.edu/sp8snapshot.html”www.ship.edu./a/pp class=”body_text”Congratulations to Trevor and this great profile.br //p


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