We are always looking for ways to stay organized in this fast-paced world of ours. Evernote has quickly become one of my favorite tools. It’s now an indispensable part of my life and work.

What is Evernote?

Evernote is an amazing tool that synchronizes in real-time across all your digital devices. Add a note on your iPhone and it’s automatically synced with your desktop computer, online website, and iPad. Amazing! Your information is available anytime, anywhere.

You can use Evernote to save your ideas, take notes, keep track of projects, generate shopping lists, store recipes, or brainstorm with a colleague.

Notebook System

Create notebooks in any system that makes sense to you. I name mine by clients or projects, but you could go a completely different route. Maybe you like action words. Your notebooks could be:

  • Listen (music you want to explore)
  • Read (books, quotes, authors)
  • See (films and photography)
  • Taste (recipes and restaurants)
  • Create (projects)
  • Go (future travel)

It’s entirely up to you. Simply name your notebooks in the way that makes the most sense for you and how you want to utilize Evernote. Your notebooks can be shared with those you invite, or kept completely private (only accessible by you).

Create Notes

Start creating notes within your notebooks. For each note you can:

  • Include a URL of the website you got the idea or information from
  • Record a GPS location (to search by location or remember where you wrote it)
  • Enter tags to maximize searchability
  • Format as much or as little as you want

Home Base

The desktop version of Evernote is a great home base to start from. I create most of my notes on my desktop, and then refer to them later on my iPhone or iPad.

One of the greatest features of the desktop version is the web clipper. It makes it so easy to save something you find on a website that you want to remember later. Clicking the little web clipper Evernote logo selects the text or a section of the website and sends it directly into a new note. So quick and handy.

Portable Devices

While the desktop version is my preference for generating long notes, I use Evernote on my iPhone and iPad for quick thoughts. I can easily attach pictures of things I want to come back to, jot down recommendations, and create to-do lists.

And of course, I can access all my notes on my portable devices. Going into a meeting? Everything I need is right at my fingertips in Evernote.

Wireless Sync

The simple fact that Evernote wirelessly syncs with all my devices while I am working is probably my favorite feature. I can create a note on my computer, and have immediate access to it on all my devices no matter where I go.

Do you use Evernote?
What are your favorite uses for it?




18 January, 2012

i LOVE evernote -- i use it pretty much everyday on both my computer and my phone. i have notebooks for work projects/clients and also a misc/personal one that has all kinds of random things i need to have accessible on a moment's notice. i can't imagine NOT using evernote, it's become such an integral part of my every day.

    Trevor Roberts

    19 January, 2012

    Same here!


18 January, 2012

I've been using evernote for just over a year now. I have it on my home computer, computer at work, the extension for outlook at work, too, on my cell and on my nookcolor. I frequently take notes on my phone or nookcolor at meetings and then easily copy and paste the info out to various forms at work. It's amazing. And should I forgot some notes for a meeting or get asked a question I can easily pull up the appropriate notebook in evernote and have the info quickly at hand.

    Trevor Roberts

    19 January, 2012

    I didn't realize there was an Outlook extension and a version for Nook -- that's awesome!


18 January, 2012

Evernote is amazing for travel! We went to Cape Cod last fall and I had lists of places open different days, hours, cost, must-see sights, all the lighthouses and how to get to them. Always with me as we drove, right on my smartphone.. Love Evernote!

    Trevor Roberts

    19 January, 2012

    I love that! What a great idea!

Brad Miller

19 January, 2012

Evernote should be standard on iPhone/iPad. The default Notes app is pretty sad.

    Trevor Roberts

    19 January, 2012

    Good call! And I agree. The notes app isn't useful at all.

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