Everything Email: How to Execute & Measure Successful Email Marketing for Beginners

April 7, 2017

Explained in its simplest terms, email marketing is a strategy to promote your business. It is also an efficient, cost-effective way to connect with your clients. Any email communication is considered marketing if:

  1. It helps to build trust in a product or company, or
  2. It increases customer loyalty

But why use email marketing?

Email marketing allows you to quickly reach your target market without the need to spend a large amount of money on radio time, print space, or television. If you have the right software, email marketing also allows you to personalize your emails with information that a particular customer would be interested in.

What is the process for setting up email marketing?

First: Find your software

Email marketing software creates a portal for you to maintain a database of subscribers, send emails to groups of people simultaneously, segment your customers, place signup forms on your website, and implement  automated follow-ups.

But what is the best service for you? There are many budget-friendly services available. MailChimp is a popular option that is easy to implement and use for both small and large organizations. Emma has some great features for larger companies and is a software system with a personal touch. Others include: redcappi, Campaigner, iContact, Constant Contact, sendinblue, and Campaign Monitor.

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Second: Create a list

A mailing list is a collection of email addresses and names used to send material to multiple recipients at once. Creating an email list can take time and is an ongoing process. However, most people have an email address, so you can build it up online via your website, or you can do it offline using manual collection tactics.

Once you have a strong list, segmenting it is vital. List segmentation allows you to send the right content to the right people. It also helps you get better click and open rates by narrowing down your focus and targeting different groups with specialized messages.

You can divide your list into groups (or “segments”) based on a number of factors, including interests, past purchasing patterns and demographic data such as age, gender, job, salary, and hometown.

Third: Get creative

When it comes to crafting your emails, creativity is key to engaging your readers. Consider the length, style, colors, imagery and tone/voice. It is important that you positively represent your brand, but you also want to make an impression that captivates your audience. If you are not a naturally creative person, most email marketing platforms have built in templates that you can use to stimulate your creativity.

Fourth: Check your work

Before you send any email, have at least two people check it over. Send yourself and all key stakeholders a test sample so you can obtain the signoff you need before hitting “send.”

Fifth: Send it!

Once your email has been approved it’s good to go! You’ll soon see the rewards in terms of click-through rates, conversion rates, and sales. You’ll also continue to build up your email list.

For more advice on email marketing, and how to make sure it is working for your company, contact us at Cross & Crown today.

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