Examples of Effective Customer Testimonial Videos

September 4, 2018

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Video testimonials work because they establish credibility and trust while shining a light on the benefits you provide to your customer, the hero.

In our last two posts, we established that customer testimonial videos are highly effective marketing tools for any business or organization. While we firmly believe that outsourcing the production of testimonial videos is a great use of your marketing dollars, we also know that some folks prefer to work it in house so we provided some pro-tips to help you get started.

Today we want to highlight some of our favorite video testimonials and discuss why they work.

B2B: Sandwich Video for Slack

Award winning brand favorite Sandwich Video loves Slack. Fortunately for Slack, this satisfied client also makes killer videos. Take a look:

YouTube video

Why it works:

It’s fun. It tells a story. It makes us laugh. We can see ourselves in their shoes because we know what it is like to manage communications surrounding multiple projects.

Who can’t relate to a weighed-down inbox? The story clearly shows us how the boss became the hero by using Slack to streamline project communication. Strong film and graphic elements drive home the point, visual demonstration of how the product works both digitally and physically, as well as, evidence of how this software as a service integrates with other commonly used software make this testimonial video stand out among the pack.

B2B: JetBlue and Qualtrics

Qualtrics is a subscription software for collecting and analyzing data for market research, customer satisfaction and loyalty, product and concept testing, employee evaluations and website feedback. They serve companies working to improve customer service experiences, employee satisfaction, talent development and more. They have a host of well executed testimonial videos on their website, but we particularly like this one from JetBlue:

JetBlue + Qualtrics from QualtricsXM on Vimeo.

Why it works:

Anyone who has ever traveled by air knows the depth of frustration that can occur when flights are delayed or canceled. This testimonial video proves how Qualtrics can equip high-stakes, customer service driven companies to transform potential PR nightmares into award-winning customer experiences, all thanks to real-time survey driven data analysis.

In the testimonial video, you see the product in action which help potential new customers envision how the Qualtrics could help a business leader make smarter customer oriented decisions. You can view more client testimonial videos from Qualtrics on their website.

Nonprofit: Jill’s House

Jill’s House is an overnight respite center for children with disabilities, serving families in the northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC. This video highlight testimony from families and staff at Jill’s House to create a picture of the need for respite and how Jill’s House meets that need.

YouTube video

Why it works:

This has all the great elements you want in a testimonial video: visual diversity, story, multiple perspectives and more. The b-roll and situational footage helps the viewer gain a clear understanding of what Jill’s House is, who it serves, how it operates, and how others can help families of children with special needs get the respite they so desperately need. Videos that show felt needs help lead viewers to make emotional connections that lead to action.

Nonprofit: Robin Hood Foundation

The Robin Hood Foundation created the following testimonial video demonstrating how their organization worked to create new homes for victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Robin Hood Relief Fund: Hurricane Sandy from Robin Hood on Vimeo.

Why it works:

The emotional connection is established right away with the opening sentence: “Home is where your Mom is.” We have talked previously about our brains’ mirroring neurons that are activated when we are emotionally moved by story. This testimonial video evokes emotion in an honest and empathic way that keeps the viewer engaged and compels them to want to help.

Shalom Christian Academy

We conclude our list with a testimonial video produced by our team at Cross and Crown. We created this testimonial video for Shalom Christian Academy to give parents an inside look into student life at the K-12 school, with a focus on secondary education.

YouTube video

Why it works:

Parents of all school age children can relate to this video and better understand the culture and influence of Shalom Christian Academy on the lives of students and their families. Hearing first hand stories of other families and students who attend the school can help parents and caregivers have a better understanding of what the school has to offer and provides the inside look they need to take the next step.

Don’t underestimate the power of video testimonials. There are many more examples of great testimonial videos on the web, and several of our own productions are viewable on our website. If we can be of service to you or answer any questions about how your business or organization can incorporate testimonial videos into your marketing strategy please let us know.

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