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Favorite iPhone Apps

April 3, 2012

Trevor’s iPhone app post inspired me to write one of my own.

I’m not a neat freak at all, except when it comes to technology.

I’ll leave piles of clothes all over my house, but when it comes to my Mac or my iPhone, I have to be organized. To an almost OCD level.

I go crazy if my Mac desktop has more than one row of “stuff” and I have to keep my iPhone apps down to just one page worth. If I find a new game I like, I have to delete one from my Games folder so the new one fits.

Crazy? Maybe.

Here’s a screenshot of my one and only iPhone page… ya know, as proof:

 As for my favorite apps…

  • Echofon
    This is a pretty sweet Twitter app because they also have a desktop version for Mac. What sold me is that it syncs with my iPhone, so when I have it open all day on my Mac and I get notifications, it WONT show up on my iPhone as well, until I close out of the desktop app. This is the best in my opinion if you’re an active Twitter user who’s on a computer for most of your work day.
  •  Instagram / Camera+ / PicFrame
    These are my 3 photography needs. I’m in no way a photographer, but this makes me look super hipster and cool. And I like being cool. Camera+ does some different enhancements, then PicFrame does, well, frames, and then finally I upload to Instagram to be cool like everyone else.
  • IMDB
    I’m a movie buff, and I’m constantly in that situation of “What was the name of the dude in ….” and “I’m telling you, the kid from a Christmas Story is an elf in the movie ELF – I’ll prove it.” Enough said here.
  • DrawSomething
    It’s just so addictive. I even bought a SYLUS for the iphone so I could be better. 😉 I have a current 80-something streak with a good buddy.
  • Ultimate Guitar Tabs
    Being an active musician, I’m always in a situation where I need to look something up. The app is a couple bucks, but well worth it for guitarists.

Besides those, I rarely use anything else. Well, maybe the Alarm Clock, Settings (to change brightness/WiFi), and Angry Birds seasons when they add more levels. 😉

What are YOUR favorite apps?
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