We are so grateful for all of our clients, vendors, partners, and blog readers. Thank you for working with us and supporting us in all the amazing ways you do. We appreciate each one of you — not just on Thanksgiving, but every day!

We wanted to pause for a moment today to share 5 things each of us are thankful for. It’s an opportunity for you to get to know our team members a little bit more, too. Most of us are on Twitter — give us a follow! (And help us convince Tim and Krista to join the Twitter bandwagon!)

Trevor Roberts, Owner

  • God’s unconditional love
  • My wife, Jeanette
  • My friends and family
  • Cross and Crown
  • Toban and Duncan (my beloved Dachshunds)

Tyler Roberts, Owner

  • A relational God that is creative
  • Family – my beautiful and talented wife Jenn and my daughter Addison
  • Family and friends – I am pretty sure I have the best support structure of parents, siblings and friends
  • Opportunity – the opportunity to own a web design business and coffee shop: both things I love. Also the opportunity to work in a God-centered ministry
  • Technology that can be leveraged to help people get closer to God

Joel Davis, Senior Graphic Designer

  • God’s grace
  • My wife, Jen
  • My rabbit, Jack
  • My awesome job
  • Great family

Joel Hudson, Web and Video Designer

  • Grace because I’m not perfect
  • Family that supports me in whatever I do
  • Friends that help me get through anything
  • The opportunity to have a job that I love and work with great people
  • God for guiding me in a path that I may not understand, but I’m not doing it alone

Adam Swisher, Graphic Designer

  • God’s grace
  • My supportive wife
  • The job that I have
  • Humor / laughter
  • Ability to hear and make music

Tim Wagner, Web Operations

  • My incredible family
  • Lines and lines of code
  • All of our happy clients
  • My beautiful co-workers
  • French presses

Krista Sollenberger, Project Manager

  • Salvation
  • God’s constant provision in my life
  • Ability to run and be active
  • Supportive family
  • Laughter


Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

Now it’s your turn!
We’d love to hear some things you’re thankful for.



26 November, 2011

love your lists, guys! i'm thankful for: friends who are like family top-shelf drinks creativity redemption laughing till my stomach hurts Happy Thanksgiving!

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