Hey, Non-Profits: Social Media Matters

November 1, 2011

Hey, non-profits! I’ve got something I wanna tell you.

Are you listening?

Social media matters.

I know it seems like just one more thing to do — or maybe like many more things to do, between Twitter, Facebook, Google+, blogging… But I assure you… It all matters. And it all makes a difference.

I know your daily to-do list is longer than you have time for. I know you have pressing things on your plate — important things. Like rescuing sex traffic victims, feeding the homeless, advocating for orphans, caring for the poor, providing clean water to those who need it, and making followers of Christ.

This isn’t about adding one more thing to your to-do list. It’s about making it possible for others to understand and embrace the important things you’re doing.

Social media matters.

Social media makes the work you do more accessible to those who can, could, and should be a part of it.

Now more than ever, the world is small enough for people back home to see what you are doing around the world. Social media makes that possible.

You can blog tonight about what happened today, and donors (as well as potential donors) can read it. You can tweet from the field (wherever that is, domestic or abroad), and instantly people can hear what you’re saying and see what you’re seeing. That ever-changing Facebook timeline can show the world what’s going on in your corner of it.

Technology has expanded the scope and influence of missions, as well as broadened the team that makes it all happen. Don’t miss out on the miracle of that.

We have a rare and unique gift, in the history of the world, to engage people in what we are doing globally. Maximize that gift. did a study to “determine how efficiently the top 50 nonprofits utilize social media.” Check out their creative and informative infographic for an overview of their findings.

They found that, in their own words — “It’s about fostering conversations and interactions, not money. These are the keys to keeping up in the fast-paced arena of social networks.”

When people feel more connected, they have more “buy-in”… they feel more personally and emotionally invested in who you are and what you do.

Embrace social media. Use it as a platform to build relationships and communicate vision.

It matters. And it makes a huge difference.

How do you utilize social media within your organization?
What tips do you have?

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