If you’re an iPhone or Android user — or probably even if you’re not — I’m sure you’re familiar with Instagram. It’s the most widely-used photo sharing app that allows users to take photos, apply a filter, and share via social networks.

They just redesigned their web view, so now you can follow, comment, and like photos right in your web browser. It isn’t a complete web-based viewer, but the updated photo page is a great improvement.



Another huge upgrade came with the addition of Instagram into HootSuite‘s App Directory. HootSuite is a social media management dashboard, integrating Twitter, Facebook, and various other networking tools into one convenient location. With the Instagram app, you can now view, like, and share photos and comments right in your dashboard.

You can add multiple Instagram streams, viewing feeds of your own photos as well as users you follow. It really makes it so easy to share pictures and engage with your Instagram community.

I’m really pumped about these enhancements!

For the first time, Instagram has finally become an interactive experience on your computer and not just your phone. 

So tell us…
What do you think of these new Instagram options?


Alece Ronzino (@gritandglory)

3 July, 2012

I love these! I wish the updated photo page worked on mobile browsers as well, since that's where i most often link over (via twitter etc) -- hopefully that will be added next. but these two additions are already a huge improvement!

Abby L

3 July, 2012

It is nice to be able to like and edit when I click over to IG from Twitter, but I still wish I could view my feed through their web viewer. Until that update, I'll stick with web.stagram on the computer.

    Trevor Roberts

    4 July, 2012

    I agree, and wonder if/when they'll ever provide a full web-based version.

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