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I can be an iPhone app hoarder.

I love trying out all the latests and greatests when they come out. But they tend to pile up, and then it takes me longer than it should to weed through all my apps to find one I’m looking for.

Of course, I have my favorites that I use all the time. But I also have many that I never actually use.

So it was definitely time to do some Spring Cleaning.

I got rid of all the apps I never use.

I had quite a few apps I’d downloaded with good intentions, but never really found a practical use for. And some that I once used fairly often, but just don’t have a need for anymore.

It was time to clean house and get rid of them.

No sense taking up storage space on my phone for an app I will maybe use someday. Should I ever actually need it at some point, I can always download it again.

I prioritized the apps I do use.

I went really simple with this.

  • My first page has all the apps I use most frequently. Most of them I utilize every single day.
  • My second page is for apps I use often, but not everyday. I also keep some new ones here that I want to try out as I have time.
  • My third page is kind of like my junk drawer. It holds the apps that I rarely need, but when I do, I’m thankful I know where they are.

I grouped apps into folders… But not all of them.

I combined similar apps into folders, and labeled them accordingly. It makes it much easier to navigate through that way.

On my first page, I kept a few individual apps on their own, outside of a folder. I want to reduce steps to access the apps I use the most. 

For me, it is important to have my phone, texts, email, Twitter, calendar, and Evernote be just a simple click away.

How about you? Is it time for a little iPhone Spring Cleaning?

How do you organize things on your phone?


Chase Christy

29 March, 2012

Oh my gosh! What a simple and helpful post. My apps drive me nuts, and I am always trying to organize them. I love it. Thanks.

    Trevor Roberts

    29 March, 2012

    Glad to hear it was so helpful!


2 April, 2012

I organize mine basically the same way. Another app I have on my home screen (not in a folder) is HeyTell. I love the ability to send quick voice messages... it's my way of texting while driving!

Doug W.

12 April, 2012

It's interesting that with all of the features iOS now includes, one that it does not is an auto-configure option that would intelligently remove apps you don't use and propose organizing the display of apps you do in order of (1) frequency of use and (2) order of use, the latter being related to the sequence in which you use your apps (for example, going from camera to a photo retouching app). That having been said, I just reduced my app collection down from 478 apps in total between iPhone and iPad, to under 100. I now try to leave each screen not only clean but half-empty, with four apps in the top row, three in the second row, a folder for any other apps in that category, and the last two rows blank. This also means that I can pop apps into and out of the home bar at the bottom of the screen without causing other challenges.


    23 April, 2012

    Wow! You really pared down your apps - that's some serious spring cleaning! And interesting point about that intuitive auto-configure-app option... I wonder if that will ever be included at some point down the road.

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