Kevin F. Harney Website

Kevin F. Harney Website

Recently we released the new website of Kevin F. Harney, a licensed professional couselor located here in Chambersburg, PA.  Kevin has been counseling since 1996, and has helped hundreds of families and individuals over the past 13 years.  Kevin Harney, provides individual counseling for older children, teens and adults, and also has a great deal of experience working with couples, whether unmarried, engaged, married, divorcing/divorced, or remarried with blended families.  It was great to work with Kevin and help him launch a new and successful website.

For everything else here at Cross and Crown, we are keeping busy!  We will be showcasing 4 new shirts we designed for Lifest/Life! Promotions in a couple of days, so be sure to check back looking for those.

Stay tuned!


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