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Learn Why Roy Pitz Brewing Company’s “Liquid Art Stories” is One of Our Team Member’s Favorite Projects

August 25, 2020

12 mins

For fifteen years we have had the joy and privilege of serving a wide range of clients. From schools, churches, and nonprofits; to small businesses, franchises, and corporations, our team enjoys the challenge of creatively expressing each brand we serve in a unique and meaningful way.

We thought it would be fun to ask our team to share some of their favorite projects to give our readers a glimpse into how we bring our clients’ stories to life.

Our first project highlight comes from Ben Seifarth, Lead Cinematographer here at Cross & Crown. Ben’s favorite project was a series of videos produced for Roy Pitz Brewing Company called Liquid Art StoriesThe video series features the craftsmen, artists, and farmers who contribute to the Roy Pitz brand in very distinct ways. Here’s what Ben had to say about this project:

Roy Pitz Brewing Company: Liquid Art Stories

Roy Pitz Brewing Company: Liquid Art Stories

Roy Pitz Brew Company's mission is to share a philosophy of a passionate fulfilling life, through the art of crafting quality beers, hard work, and the employment of good people.


What is one of your favorite client projects?


A while back we did a series of short videos about the growers and producers for Roy Pitz brewing company. Roy Pitz is like Chambersburg’s “Cheers.” They’ve been around for such a long time, and they’re all just chill guys. They’re willing to geek out about what you’re drinking and what they’re currently working on. The ability to translate that passion to the screen was a fun time.

Working with Roy Pitz was great because they gave us creative freedom and we always like when clients just cut us loose to tell their story. I think that ultimately leads to some of our best work, and in the case of Liquid Art Stories, this is definitely some of our best work.


How did working on this project help you hone your own craft?


The biggest challenge with Liquid Art Stories was just the sheer size of the overall project. When the project concluded we had shot over 18 hours that resulted in 10 brand videos. The content of each video was unique and required that we travel to several different locations around the area. At the time, the guys at Roy Pitz were working on expanding into a new Philly location and that required a bit of additional travel that can be a bit stressful but it didn’t hinder the final result. We didn’t encounter any major obstacles or problems during filming and post-production, other than juggling all the moving parts which ultimately proved to be well-worth the effort when you see the finished products.

For me, working on this project proved the merits of staying organized and detailed. Projects with lots of parts can become jumbled or chaotic. But keeping things organized really helps to maintain goals and deadlines.


Which part of the project makes you feel the most proud?


I’m really happy with the Bender Potatoes vignette. I think it captures some of the best parts of Pennsylvania and the people who live here— people who work with their hands and produce the food we eat. It was fun to learn about the decades-long relationship involved in this part of the brand story and learn how this fourth-generation, local farmer is contributing to the overall experience in the Roy Pitz restaurant: The Stube.


Why does this project matter? How does it make a difference in the world?


Our goal for Liquid Art Stories was to shine a light on the unseen world of growers and producers—the men and women whose work contributes to the ultimate expression of the brand. We wanted the people who appreciate and enjoy the Roy Pitz brand to see where the ingredients come from and the people who make it. I can’t say that this project changed the world but it does offer a peek behind the curtain in our local community.



From the metal work, glassblowing, painting, and lumber that make up the aesthetic of the brand to the actual ingredients sourced from the same ground the company was built upon, this series required laser-focus and keen attention to detail that resulted in a fluid story demonstrating all the distinct parts that go into crafting not only a really great beer but a truly memorable experience. Cross & Crown is proud to partner with Roy Pitz Brewing and we look forward to continuing to tell stories about the passionate people who are contributing to the success of their business.

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