Our coffee shop, C & C Coffee  in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, is partnering with Food for the Hungry as well.

They put up a Hope Tree, with one of the kits we designed and created, and it’s been exciting to watch it get un-decorated as people select children to sponsor.  

We also created a campaign for their partnership, called Make a Difference This Christmas.

The purpose of the campaign is to remind all of us that, as with everything, Christmas is more about giving than getting. We can become so caught up in the commercialism of the season that we lose sight of the heart of it all.

The video and website break down 3 simple ways for people to make a difference in others’ lives through C & C Coffee and Food for the Hungry:


Projects with purpose are our absolute favorite thing! We love being able to leverage our time, energy, and skills toward making a lasting impact.

Join us in making a difference this Christmas >


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