Negley's Well Drilling

Negley’s Well Drilling

The month of March started off with a large list of things for us to do here at Cross & Crown.  As March continues onward, we still are very, very busy with many projects!  Today’s featured project is one that we have entered the beginning stages of, but still have much work to do.  Behold, Negley’s Well Drilling.  Up front, you would think that all they really do is drill wells, however this is not the case.  Negley’s also does all types of water treatment and testing, provides alternative geothermal energy services and even pump systems for residential homes and commercial areas.  Cross & Crown is in the process of expanding the online look and vision of Negley’s Well Drilling to more than just an assumed well drilling company.  The website we have up now is a temporary site, however in a couple of weeks we will hopefully have a much larger site developed that features all of the additional services they offer, helping to not only educate people about them, but also to share the importance of their services and the benefits they can provide.

Aside from Negley’s Well Drilling, we are also busy with other notable projects:  We just finished up a series of ads for Lifest and Nationally known speaker Bob Lenz, and are continually piecing together promotional material and apparel for the festival.  Destiny Image has kept us busy with book covers as we have been putting together a few different ones for authors Che Ahn and Jeff JansenChristianRock.Net is having us reformat their website, Dance Unabashed is having us re-do their website, We finished up a logo for Kirbtech (computer sales & support) and The Links (Chambersburg recreation center), and somewhere in the middle of all of that we managed to print and process over 1200 shirts.  Whew!

We are still cranking out work here at Cross & Crown, and have a steady flow of incoming work.  We have a few projects coming up in the beginning of April that we cannot annouce as of yet, but I am sure we will be releasing a sneak peek or two of what’s to come!

Stay tuned readers … big things to come.


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