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September 12, 2011

Take a few minutes and review the promotional items you currently rely on to advertise your brand.  What are the go-to marketing tools in your tool box?  How do you know if these tools are effective? Do you have an accurate mechanism for gauging the return on your investment in these items?  Are you thinking creatively about new ways to expose your brand to a larger audience? How is your logo looking these days? Is it current and relevant to your target audience or is it time for a face-lift?


Over the next several weeks on the blog, we are getting back to our roots, our bread and butter if you will.  We’ve spent a great deal of time over the summer focusing on “new media” and ways to leverage social networks for your business.  Now we want to transition to fleshing out some of the core elements we believe comprise successful marketing strategies. From logo and identity development to choosing the right fabric for your t-shirt we are always dreaming of new and innovative ways to help our clients communicate ideas, concepts and services to new audiences.


At Cross and Crown we specialize in logo/identity development, marketing strategy, web development, print and apparel design.  We have proven experience in creating memorable designs and effectively applying a custom “look and feel” on print and virtual promotional products.  But we don’t stop with a stellar look and awesome website, we work alongside you every step of the way to ensure that the product we create and concepts we propose propel your marketing goals into measurable accomplishments.


For example, does your brand use merchandise as an element of it’s marketing mix?  If not, you are missing out on some easy wins and promotional opportunities for your business.  But, before you start dreaming of stamping your brand’s mark on hats, golf shirts and coffee mugs, you first need an outstanding logo and associated identity. If you play your cards right, what may be written off as “just a t-shirt” today could become a collectors item tomorrow.  All you need is a great product, an original design and a strategic plan.


There is so much more to identity development than creating a logo; you want the look and feel of your marketing and promotional products to reflect the spirit of your brand.  This takes careful planning and research that we offer our clients as we work with them throughout the design process.  We are a team who understands what makes you unique and how to capture that essence in an original look and feel that translates across all marketing mediums.


So stick with us as we share with you the passion behind the products and services we offer and let us demonstrate ways we can infuse that passion and commitment to relevance into your next marketing campaign.

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