We are extremely intentional at Cross & Crown to stay ahead of the curve and provide cutting edge design, direction, and development for our clients. One way that value is evident in our work is our recent investment in two Quadcopters for our video team. 

If you’re wondering what on earth a Quadcopter is, the most simplest explanation is this: It’s a helicopter for our HD video cameras. 


The Quadcopters enable us to shoot video with an entirely new perspective, providing unique vantage points that revolutionize the viewers’ experience. We’ve already gotten a ton of use out of these for various clients’ video projects, like:

  • Property/Campus tours
  • Real estate land showcasing
  • Golf course overviews
  • Event coverage
  • And much more

Check out this short reel to see some of the incredible footage we’ve been able to capture with these bad boys:

The Quadcopter even made its first international trip, filming on location in Haiti for Churches of God General Conference. You can see the clips shot with it in the finished video:

Whatever you have in mind for your next video project, we can take it to the next level with these new additions to our team of creative video storytellers.

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