What you call your company, project, product, or initiative can make or break it. 

The name needs to be clever and memorable, but also applicable and straightforward. It should convey vision, capture attention, and inspire action. That’s a tall order when it comes to naming your dream, your passion…

It’s sometimes painful to discover that the name you’ve given your “baby” might not be the best one to use as you launch publicly. It may be too personal to be understood by the masses who don’t already know your history and heart. It is easy to get caught up in catch-phrases that are comfortable within our own team, and we forget that they may not be as user-friendly outside our organization.

A solid name change may be just what’s needed to launch strong, or to take things to the next level with a re-launch. 

Ben Arment, creative extraordinaire, offers some practical insight on coming up with a name that will stick. You should read his entire article, but here are a few of my favorite points:


Create natural uses for words
Inventing new words can give your brand a unique identity, but if the uses are too unnatural, they could flop. People should be able to pronounce it, spell it and find it online without a spell check.

Match the name to the personality
Every organization has a personality, and the name should define it. My team capitalizes the word STORY in all of our correspondence, even text messages, to underscore the stature of the event in our minds.

Adapt the name if necessary
Sometimes the best names emerge from nicknames or alternative uses of them. Mark Zuckerberg eventually changed the name of “The Facebook” to just “Facebook” and Kentucky Fried Chicken is now only known as KFC. Go with it.

From Ben Arment’s post Naming Things >


I’d love to hear your thoughts and experience on all this.

How did you come up with the current name of your company or product?
Why do you love it?

Can you think of an initiative, organization, or product you’d recommend a name-change for?
Talk us through the why’s… 



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