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Case Study: Online Learning that is making a difference

November 28, 2018

Online learning has been growing in popularity as an effective mode of learning mode since before the dawn of the internet. Studies show a variety of positive outcomes with online learning such as improved test scores, greater student engagement with class material, strong sense of community, and reduction in course withdrawal or failure. In many cases, online learning environments fared better than traditional learning for both creating community and improved test and grades, and all at a reduced cost to students.

Part I: Background info on organization

So it’s not surprising with these outcomes, that online learning has exploded in popularity in the last couple decades. This year we had the opportunity to partner with Symbiosis in New York City. They are a firm committed to the creation of online courses and degree programs for colleges and universities that are both affordable and best in class.

The Symbiosis Approach

Symbiosis’ comprehensive approach to the development and execution of quality, custom-tailored online courses sets the stage for desired outcomes associated with student persistence, completion, retention and graduation.

Part II: The challenge they were facing

Symbiosis had a brand that did not convey their robust brand story or communicate who they were to prospective students in a compelling way. The Symbiosis product was exceptional and their experience delighted students. However, Symbiosis ran into obstacles when they attempted to break through in a very competitive market.

Part III: Our solution(s)

Our team worked with the Symbiosis team and took them through a brand-alignment process. Our unique process enabled us to create brand elements and a storyline that better represented the Symbiosis brand.

The rebrand included the following elements:


Symbiosis Educational Consultants

Once the brand was complete with custom print pieces and handouts we worked with their team to create a custom website that would showcase their brand story and more clearly identify what makes them unique in their market.

Part IV: The Results

We modernized their website to ensure that it would stand out and effectively target and engage the Symbiosis target market. Our team integrated their website with their Salesforce CRM system to transform the website into a lead-generation engine

Symbiosis Educational Consultants


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