One of the leading private Christian schools in the tri-state area chose us to entirely re-brand and re-launch them from the ground up. Starting with their logo, we developed a new identity and carried it throughout their new marketing print pieces and full website.

It’s my honor to introduce to you the new and improved Shalom Christian Academy

Shalom’s new look reflects their passion for integrity, excellence, and intentionality that is modeled so well in their administration and educational environment. Their culture of Biblical role modeling, caring mentorship, and creative instruction is woven into their logo, website, and promotional pieces. Now more than ever, their DNA as an institution of Godly learning is evident in all of their marketing materials.

That’s one of our favorite things to do here at Cross and Crown. We love identifying an organization’s core DNA and highlighting it in unique and innovative ways, creatively weaving the thread of their mission and values into everything that represents them.

We would love your honest feedback.
Let us know what you think of the new Shalom site!



21 October, 2011

Love the design, but the font seems a bit small. I noticed it on the about page, but it's consistent throughout the whole site (which is a good thing - consistency that is). I'm not sure what the font size is, but maybe bring it up a notch or two may look a bit more readable. I have good eyes, so I don't have a problem reading it, but maybe some people with lesser eyes may not be able to read it well. With that said, It looks fantastic.

    Trevor Roberts

    23 October, 2011

    Hey Moe, Thanks for the feedback! We tried to keep the site high contrast to keep it readable to all. We are going to look at adding a tool that people can increase and decrease their font size on the site so it makes it useable for everyone. Again, thanks for the feedback! Trevor

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