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Small Business Changes That Will Change Your Company Dynamic

April 24, 2019

Trends come and go and unless your small business model is introducing trendsetting, innovating methods, it’s important to be leery of follow fads. Often as soon as you adopt them into your daily regime, the next trend is taking over website designs and brainstorm sessions.

However, every year studies are released that take into effect what modern changes can positively affect anything from the way you interact with co-workers by desk arrangement to the most productive online apps.

These studies may be hard to integrate their lasting – and dynamic – presence shows that little by little they are proving to make a significant difference in the way we work and the way we compete in our marketplace.


Despite the ability to schedule posts and automatic updates, social media is a beast that needs constant hand-holding and attention. This is a positive in that you can really monitor and learn how your fans and followers interact with your content, products, services, and brand in general. Their trends become part of your business DNA. While you shouldn’t adjust your company, you can adjust how your company presents itself. Analytics will help you determine who your audience is, when they’re viewing and sharing your posts. Information like that will not only keep you prevalent but keep you on top of your game.

Other social media influenced projections are chatbots. Being able to converse with your web visitors in real time during business hours turns the strategic e-commerce into a welcoming e-conversation. There are many plugins that enable you to utilize this feature. While up front it may see time-consuming, it ultimately saves frustration from miscommunication, helps clients pinpoint the exact item they want and creates trustworthy relationships.


Unfortunately, there’s a rising problem of social irresponsibility from every industry, every house, every corner of the world. To combat this it’s pivotal companies create a non-negotiable green initiative program in their company. No matter how small the effort, educating staff and mandating practical methods can create a wave of difference. And often encourage a bigger initiative for change. Wiping and recycling any technology is a big missed opportunity to keeping both your data safe as well as the planet.  


With the increase of remote workers, business owners have the ability to expand their demographic search when it comes to hiring talent. Less time is spent on commuting and more time on developing a healthy work/life balance. With more flexible deadlines, as long as your team is getting the job done, they don’t have to work the traditional 9-5, statistically being more productive. However, their communication is never compromised. With email, phone, video chats, and SaaS collaborative tools, remote teams are always a step ahead.


It’s not just remote workers that need to be proactive with communication, but those on location as well. The open door policy is an upper-level management policy that enables their team to be transparent, to collaborate and to encourage ongoing openness. It eliminates the invisible wall of intimidation, stereotypes, stigmas, etc. that come between hierarchy so all ideas are welcomed. When this method is maintained and all parties take advantage of its informal business setting, it significantly propels a company’s success, morale, and opportunities. It should be noted, however, that an open door policy is not an invitation to freely chat with your boss about mundane things, the weekend or to complain.


No matter how much marketing you invest in and how much ROI it incurs, it’s the user reviews that result in the biggest turnover. After working with a client asking them how they enjoyed the experience or the product and if you could share that information is a great way to start creating a reliable library of testimonials that potential consumers will base their final decision on. This is just another variation of word of mouth and others’ opinions of your services always will loudly back up your professional marketing.

Additionally, If you have trademarked or registered any of your branded materials, double check that you have followed up on renewing them. Small details like these, if forgotten, can create a huge hurdle in future marketing whether in print or online should someone notice it.

Looking for ways to get noticed and stay noticed beyond 2019? Cross & Crown is here to help you make the changes!

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