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Staff Favorites: Reaching New Audiences With Digital Marketing

We work with several small businesses to help elevate their brands and encourage the community to shop local. One of our clients, Sunnyway Foods, is a family-owned and operated grocer who we’ve had the pleasure of working with for many years. Now in its third generation, Sunnyway Foods is known for its baked goods, produce, local meats, and deli items made fresh and served in-store daily.

Occasionally, we like to ask one of our staff members to share about one of their favorite projects they’ve worked on. Our Digital Marketing and Social Media Manager, Bekah Hewitt, selected Sunnyway Foods as her favorite project because of a unique social media campaign the team put together to help connect the grocery store experience with families at home. Below, Bekah shares the inspiration behind the project and how it made an impact on a new generation of Sunnyway shoppers. 


What is your favorite project you’ve worked on and why?


My favorite client project was the “At The Table” series we did for Sunnyway Foods on their social media networks. Sunnyway is an incredible client we have had the privilege of working with for a while. I took on their social media management when I came on board with Cross & Crown.

The “At the Table” series was particularly fun because we used videos to demonstrate how Sunnyway plays an important role in bringing families together. The idea was to create this storyline that brings the grocery store into the home, leveraging a marketing element that goes beyond the four walls of the store.

We produced four in-home video vignettes to highlight different gatherings of family and friends enjoying quality time together around foods provided by Sunnyway. These quick clips of families enjoying a meal really drew out the warmth and intimacy that backdrop provides. We wanted the audience to picture themselves enjoying their own memories around family, friends, and food from Sunnyway.


Which aspect of this project did you find challenging?


This project was challenging because it was unlike anything we had done for them before. While ambitious, it was fun to expand their brand awareness by reaching new audiences on social media in a unique way. It was also challenging because it required a higher level of project management and coordination due to the various moving pieces of scheduling shoots, post-production, managing new timelines, etc.

I was proud of how we were able to create four ideas for the video vignettes that could stand alone while also remaining connected to the overall theme of the project. We ultimately decided to show different at-home settings whether around the table, watching the big game, and other meaningful moments that bring people together around food and the sentiment really resonated with their target audience.


What degree of collaboration was required to successfully complete this project?


This project brought collaboration between our digital marketing and video teams, and the client; but there were a few instances when others in the office jumped in to help when we needed a small cast for some of the videos. At times, collaboration extended to friends and family who we drafted to be a part of the shoot on different occasions.

I really appreciated how well our teams worked together and maintained a unified vision throughout the project. Everyone’s creativity, energy, and enthusiasm remained high, despite it being a four-month series. Plus, other staff members’ willingness to participate as needed was a really positive experience.


How did your work on this project help solve the client’s problem or make their life better?


This campaign was designed specifically with an online audience in mind and had a tremendous response from their social media community.  We ran this series along with a contest each month for gift cards to Sunnyway. The campaign was well received by the audience and Sunnyway’s social media engagement increased each month. We were also able to grow Sunnyway’s email list through the monthly give-aways which had a positive impact on their email marketing efforts.

It is always enjoyable working with Sunnyway because they trust that we will take their vision and portray it in a manner that they would approve and enjoy. They are also always excited for the ideas that we bring to them and are willing to assist us in any way we need as we work on their projects.



Thank you, Bekah, for giving us a look behind-the-scenes to see how video marketing is helping give this local small business a boost. Collaborating across departments and involving the video team in this digital marketing campaign helped Sunnyway gain traction in new places online. We think that the creative vision behind the videos made a significant impact on Sunnyway’s audience and demonstrates the power of video marketing in raising brand awareness.

If you own a small business and need help expanding your brand, please shoot us a message today. We would love to brainstorm ideas with you and help you launch your next digital marketing campaign!