Our incredible staff is what makes us who we are.

Since we began Cross and Crown, we have intentionally kept a high focus on our staff and their families. They are the life-source of our company, bringing not only their talents and abilities but also their energy, passion, and personality.


This is our tenth year as a company (Happy Birthday to us!), and we wanted our annual Staff Retreat to reflect the significance and value of that.

We took our staff and their spouses away for three nights and four days of FUN!

We wanted to demonstrate to our team how much we value and appreciate them—for their hard work and for who they are in our lives, personally and as a company.

While our main office is in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, we also have employees working out of Tennessee and Indiana. So the focus of our retreat this year was community.

We rented a house on Deep Creek Lake in Maryland, and the setting was perfect: a cabin in the middle of the woods with every possible amenity you could think of!

Some of the highlights:

•  We brought in a masseuse and treated everyone to a message
•  We arranged for a live-in caterer who prepared all meals and snacks
•  We spent a lot of time in the indoor pool and hot tub
•  We had a blast playing games together as a group

Everyone left the retreat with a stronger sense of community and camaraderie, and excited about what lies ahead at Cross and Crown.

What is done in your workplace to
care for and pour into the staff?



24 April, 2012

now THAT's my kind of cabin! ;) love how intentional you are to pour into your team... and that you include their spouses. such a gift!

    Trevor Roberts

    24 April, 2012

    Ha! Yeah, I guess it wasn't really much of a "cabin", was it?

Dani Kelley

24 April, 2012

This is so awesome! Love how well you get along with each other and how you invest so much into community - both yours as a team and the community around you. Bravo.

    Trevor Roberts

    24 April, 2012

    Thank you, Dani!

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